Personal Licence Register - M

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

Pers/334/06 31/03/2006 MACPHERSON, James Robert
LN/000013467 20/04/2009 MACRITCHIE, Alexander
LN/000013737 17/05/2012 MALIK, Mubashira
Pers/308/06 17/01/2006 MALYAN, Carl Leslie John
Pers/393/06 07/12/2006 MANJI, Sabir
Pers/404/07 19/01/2007 MANSI, Nicholas Jeremy
Pers/288/05 23/11/2005 MAPHOSA, Marshall
LN/000013726 28/03/2012 MARAGH, Elizabeth
LN/000013452 10/02/2009 MARCHANT, John
Pers/396/06 28/12/2006 MARQUES, Clotilde
Pers/492/08 04/03/2008 MARTIN, Christopher Kenneth
LN/000013742 11/07/2012 MARTIN, Miranda
Pers/262/05 20/08/2005 MARTIN, Patrick John
LN/000013654 23/09/2010 MASON, Peter
LN/000013616 09/02/2010 MASON, Sharon
Pers/481/07 20/12/2007 MATULEVICIENE, Aelita
Pers/123/05 27/05/2005 MAUGHAN, Richard Thomas
LN/000013464 07/04/2009 McCALLION, Carl
LN/000013468 20/04/2009 McCALLION, Remedios
LN/000013466 14/04/2009 McCALLION, Ryan
Pers/93/05 25/08/2005 McCORMACK, Lisa Lavina
Pers/371/06 01/09/2006 McCORMICK-BALL, Norris Hugh
LN/000000016 29/05/2008 McDERMOTT, Laurence Gabriel
Pers/124/05 07/06/2005 McDONALD, Patrick James
LN/000013788 14/06/2013 McEvoy, Helen
Pers/253/05 06/06/2005 McHALE, Kate Patricia
Pers/425/07 20/04/2007 McINTYRE Katie Joyce
LN/000013680 21/04/2011 McKENNA, Janette
Pers/368/06 01/09/2006 McLAUGHLIN, Violet Doreen Norma
LN/000013754 13/11/2012 McLEAN, John
LN/000000015 29/05/2008 McMURDIE, Graham
LN/000013764 14/01/2013 McNALLY, Sean
Pers/440/07 08/06/2007 McNEILL, Angela
LN/000013821 29/04/2014 MENON, Nitin
LN/000013475 15/05/2009 MERRELL, Joanne
LN/000013802 05/11/2013 MERRELL, Jonathan
Pers/289/05 23/11/2005 MERRITT, Yvonne Dorothy
Pers/176/05 23/08/2005 MIAH, Ebrahim
Pers/158/05 27/07/2005 MICHAELS, Alvin David
Pers/139/05 02/09/2005 MIDDLETON, Caroline
LN/000000039 15/08/2008 MIDWINTER, Karen May
Pers/37/05 12/07/2005 MILES, Bernard Albert
Pers/302/05 19/12/2005 MILLER, Brett
LN/000000020 10/09/2005 MILLER, Michelle Rose
Pers/428/07 26/04/2007 MILLIGAN, Sally Jane
Pers/32/05 07/07/2005 MILLS, Sheila Maria
Pers/498/08 01/04/2008 MITCHELL, Eileen Louise
Pers/156/05 29/08/2005 MITCHELL, Kenneth Jarden
Pers/148/05 26/08/2005 MITCHELL, Tina Elizabeth
Pers/263/05 29/08/2005 MODASIA, Shailesh
LN/000000009 06/07/2005 MOGFORD, Margaret Ann
Pers/213/05 05/08/2005 MOIR, John Roy
Pers/212/05 05/08/2005 MOIR, Margaret Rosalyn
Pers/336/06 07/04/2006 MOLLE, Alba
LN/000013798 08/10/2013 MONAHAN, Brian
LN/000000047 03/09/2008 MONEYPENNY, Nicola


06/10/2005 MOORE, Jonathan Martin
LN/000013740 18/06/2012 MOORE, Violet-Dorothy
Pers/416/06 13/08/2005 MORGAN, Charles Costos
LN/000013632 17/05/2010 MORGAN, Georgina
LN/000013676 30/03/2011 MORGAN, James
Pers/195/05 18/08/2005 MORGAN, Richard Charles
LN/000000031 14/07/2008 MORGAN, Robin Grant
Pers/422/07 16/04/2007 MORRELL, Lorraine Alisia Victoria
Pers/55/05 02/09/2005 MORRIS, Steven John Waterson
LN/000013610 15/12/2009 MOSS, Gary
LN/000013826 30/05/2014 MUMFORD, Alice
Pers/100/05 24/05/2005 MURPHY, Francis
Pers/295/05 23/11/2005 MURRAY, Grant Stuart
LN/000000028 09/07/2008 MUTHUNAMAGONNAGE, Sampath Laksiri K.F.
LN/000013830 23/07/2014 MYERS, Georgina