Personal Licence Register - L

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000013649 03/09/2010 LAHIFFE, Abbie
Pers/101/05 19/08/2005 LAKHANI, Ashok Chandra
Pers/102/05 19/08/2005 LAKHANI, Bharati Asok Chandra
LN/000013786 04/06/2013 LALLY, Nicolle
LN/000013818 20/03/2014 LAM, Kit Loy
Pers/73/05 13/06/2005 LAM, Yuk Keung
Pers/114/05 06/09/2005 LANGTHORNE, Julia Elizabeth
Pers/183/05 06/09/2005 LANGTHORNE, Leslie
Pers/460/07 20/08/2007 LAWLOR, David Anthony
LN000000006 29/04/2008 LE ROUX, Gavin Peter


09/12/2008 LEAVER, Adam
LN/000013749 07/09/2012 LEAVER, Rachel
Pers/332/06 04/04/2006 LEGG, Stuart Peter
LN/000013712 17/10/2011 LEONDIOU, Thomas
Pers/379/06 04/05/2006 LEVY, Adam Howard
LN/000013715 01/12/2011 LEWIS, Nicholas
Pers/26/05 06/07/2005 LI, Wai-Ming
Pers/470/07 19/09/2007 LONG, Lauren
LN/000000010 20/05/2008 LONGMUIR, Ross Martin
Pers/89/05 28/09/2005 LOOSLEY, Kathleen Louise Jean
LN/000000024 27/06/2008 LOVELL, Aaron
LN/000000002 16/04/2008 LOW, Chee Hock
Pers/184/05 27/07/2005 LOWE, Nicola
Pers/40/05 12/07/2005 LOWENS, Amanda
LN/000013671 26/01/2011 LUCAS, Abigail
LN/000013722 13/02/2012 LUCAS, Alexandra
LN/000013672 04/02/2011 LUCZAK, Rafal
LN/000013720 16/12/2011 LUZANYCIA, Laura
Pers/434/07 29/05/2007 LYNCH, Ben
Pers/491/08 04/03/2008 LYSAK, Mikhail