Personal Licence Register - H

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000013796 06/09/2013 HACKETT, Lindsey Mark
LN/000013491 15/07/2009 HALL, Denise
Pers/208/05 23/08/2005 HALL, Jeffrey James
LN/000013636 22/06/2010 HAMBLIN, Anthony
Pers/290/05 23/11/2005 HAMZE, Wajid Nassib
Pers/138/05 02/05/2005 HANCOCK, Rodney Stanley
Pers/431/07 02/05/2007 HARDCASTLE, Emma Louise
Pers/12/05 05/07/2005 HARRIS, Christopher Daniel
Pers/465/07 10/09/2007 HARVEY, David Eric Martyn
Pers/54/05 02/09/2006 HARVEY, Ian Hamilton
Pers/02/05 11/04/2005 HARVEY, Michael John
Pers/91/05 29/04/2005 HARVEY, Peter
Pers/81/05 31/08/2005 HAUGHTON, George
LN/000004341 31/08/2005 HAUGHTON, Jamie William
Pers/435/07 29/05/2007 HEFFERNAN, Ailbe Patrick
PSL192 03/10/2018 HENDERSON, Nicola Anne
Pers/233/05 28/07/2005 HEWETSON, Paul Christopher
Pers/70/05 29/08/2005 HITCHCOCK, David Henry
LN/000013458 24/03/2009 HITCHING, Cally
LN/000013648 31/08/2010 HOADLY, Spencer
Pers/125/05 12/06/2005 HOARAN, David




LN/000013787 12/06/2013 HOGGARTH, Mark
LN/000013677 11/04/2011 HOLDER, Martin
LN/000000045 13/03/2007 HOLLINGSWORTH, Julie Patricia
LN/000000032 15/07/2008 HOPPING, Andrew Michael
LN/000013785 23/05/2013 HORWOOD, James
LN/000013617 16/02/2010 HORWOOD, Joseph
Pers/423/07 17/04/2007 HOSKINGS, Bernard Patrick
Pers/170/05 27/07/2005 HOWARTH, Victoria Mary
Pers/202/05 24/06/2005 HOWE, Richard David
Pers/29/05 29/07/2005 HOWKINS, Laura Jane
Pers/483/07 21/12/2007 HOWSE, Alistair Greenway
Pers/385/06 26/09/2006 HUBBUCK, Andrew Lloyd
Pers/251/05 02/08/2005 HUGHES, Thomas
LN/000013811 07/01/2014 HUGHES-MULKEARN, Katherine
Pers/46/05 06/09/2005 HULLAIT, Balden Singh
LN/000000075 30/09/2008 HULME, David
Pers/92/05 05/08/2005 HUMPHREYS, Tracey
LN/000009378 28/12/2006 HUNT, Wendy Ann
LN/000013496 21/08/2009 HUSSAIN,  Mustafa
LN/000013736 14/05/2012 HUSSEIN, Aleem
LN/000013667 21/12/2010 HUTCHISON, Christopher