Personal Licence Register - E

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000000017 12/06/2008 ECKERSLEY, Claire Diane
Pers/270/05 02/09/2005 EDLER, Eva
LN/000013745 23/07/2012 EDWARDS, Kelly
LN/000013504 13/10/2009 EDWARDS, Sara
Pers/304/05 15/12/2005 EDWARDS, Stephen Ralph
PSL193 03/10/2018 EDWARDS, Frederick Henry
LN/000013738 08/06/2012 ELEZI, Migena
LN/000013493 31/07/2009 ELIASSON, Zoe
Pers/464/07 03/09/2007 ELLIOTT, John Robert
Pers/200/05 04/05/2005 ELWIN, David
Pers/199/05 04/05/2005 ELWIN, Lynne
LN/000000072 07/07/2005 EMERSON-REED, Jacqueline
LN/000000071 07/07/2005 EMERSON-REED, Mary Sheila
Pers/82/05 06/09/2005 EVANS, Carol
Pers/84/05 06/09/2005 EVANS, Keith
LN/000013459 01/04/2009 EVERSON, Aaron