Personal Licence Register - D

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000002519 02/08/2005 DABHI, Hemendra
Pers/318/06 16/02/2006 DALEY, Valerie May Jane
LN/000013835 04/09/2014 DALY, Connor
LN/000013733 01/05/2012 DALY, Sarah
LN/000013708 03/10/2011 DANIELS, Mathew
LN/000013804 20/11/2013 D'ARANJO, Philip
LN/000012381 15/11/2007 DAVENPORT, Robert
LN/000013476 19/05/2009 DAVIES, Kevin
LN/000013645 24/08/2010 DAVIES, Louise
LN/000013653 21/09/2010 DAVIES, Patrick
LN/000013795 21/08/2013 DAVIS, Lisa
LN/000013623 09/03/2010 DAY, Christopher
Pers/327/06 17/03/2006 DAY, Sarah Louise
LN/000013478 22/05/2009 DEAMER, Mark
LN/000013687 21/07/2011 DEAN, Angela
LN/000000033 22/07/2008 DEAN, John Anthony Farquhar
LN/000004002 03/09/2005 DELAHUNTY, Richard Joseph
Pers/17/05 06/07/2005 DESAI, Dharmesh
Pers/27/05 06/07/2005 DESAI, Kirtanbala
LN/000000034 06/10/2005 DEWAR, Michael Haydn
Pers/230/05 20/06/2005 DEY, Nanu
LN/000013823 02/05/2014 DHALIWAL, Navneet
Pers/207/05 22/06/2005 DICKINS, Betty Alma
Pers/182/05 12/08/2005 DIMMOCK, Susan
LN/000013656 29/09/2010 DINGLEY, James
LN/000004538 14/09/2005 DINGLEY, Lesley Anne
LN/000013713 18/11/2011 DODD, Paul
Pers/28/05 13/07/2005 DONAGHY, Susan
Pers/14/05 05/07/2005 DONINI, Lisa Jayne
LN/000004302 02/09/2005 DONOVAN, Claire Louise
LN/000009578 17/01/2007 DOOLEY, Craig Alan
LN/000003978 30/08/2005 DOOLEY, Joanne
LN/000000007 13/05/2008 DORANS, Stuart William John
Pers/260/05 19/08/2005 DOUGLAS, Mark Peter
Pers/146/05 02/09/2005 DRISCOLL, Gillian
LN/000013516 18/11/2009 DRUZKOWSKA, Alicja
LN/000013833 07/08/2014 DUFFY, Katherine
Pers/206/05 23/08/2005 DUFFY, Michael
LN/000013462 07/04/2009 DURY, Kenneth
LN/000013463 07/04/2009 DURY, Lea