Personal Licence Register - C

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

Pers/392/06 07/12/2006 CAIRNS, Tracy Louise
Pers/203/05 25/08/2005 CALLAGHAN, James Bruce
LN/000013637 05/07/2010 CALLAN, Karen
LN/000013794 19/08/2013 CAMERON, Stephanie
LN/000003258 17/08/2005 CARMICHAEL, Angela Jean
Pers/43/05 02/09/2005 CARSWELL, Stephen Peter Paterson
Pers/293/05 23/11/2005 CARTER, Glenn
LN/000000040 20/08/2008 CARVEY, Craig Ian
Pers/103/05 26/08/2005 CASSERLY Christopher
Pers/151/05 30/08/2005 CASTELETE, Michele
Pers/110/05 12/08/2005 CATINO, Pasquale
Pers/30/05 07/07/2005 CAVINDER, Miriam-Anne
Pers/279/05 03/11/2005 CAWS, Mary
LN/000013828 06/06/2014 CAYLESS SMITH, Neil
LN/000013777 11/04/2013 CELENTANO, Luigi
LN/000013646 24/08/2010 CHADHA, Ranjiv
Pers/382/06 20/10/2006 CHAMBERLAIN, Paul Frederick
LN/000013696 16/08/2011 CHANDE, Nayan
LN/000013499 04/09/2009 CHANDOK, Sukhdeep
LN/000013486 03/07/2009 CHANELL, Christopher
Pers/13/05 05/07/2005 CHANG, Amanda Li-Li
Pers/436/07 30/05/2007 CHANG-HIM, Dorothy
LN/000013716 05/12/2011 CHAPMAN, Kim
Pers/317/06 16/02/2006 CHAPMAN, Michael Edward
LN/000013800 14/10/2013 CHATIYANON, Kumjad
Pers/94/05 26/08/2005 CHATWANI, Jawaher Jamnadas
Pers/232/05 02/09/2005 CHATWANI, Rashmi Jamnadas
Pers/104/05 26/08/2005 CHATWANI, Satish Jamnadas
Pers/405/07 25/01/2007 CHEESEMAN, Joanne Lesley
PSL191 03/10/2018 CHIAPPI, Sarah Jane
LN/000000030 31/08/2005 CHIN, Irlena Faith
LN/000013514 17/11/2009 CHOPRA, Rishi
Pers/192/05 06/09/2005 CHOPRA, Simmi
LN/000013723 13/02/2012 CHOUDHURY, Mohib
LN/000004020 30/08/2005 CHOUDHURY, Mostafa Kamal
Pers/133/05 13/08/2005 CHOWDHURY, Abdul Khalique
LN/000000048 06/09/2005 CHOWDHURY, Shakil Ahmed
LN/000013717 05/12/2011 CHYTILOVA, Iva
LN/000005298 20/08/2005 CINELLI, Marcello Ivan
Pers/445/07 26/06/2007 CLANCY, Colum James
LN0000013744 20/07/2012 CLANCY, Russell
Pers/09/05 14/05/2005 CLARK, Kathleen Angela
LN/000013718 08/12/2011 CLARK, Nigel
Pers/343/06 24/05/2006 CLARK, Philip Kelvin
Pers/274/05 06/09/2005 CLARK, Raymond Jason Nicholas
LN/000013614 11/01/2010 CLAYDEN, Alisha
LN/000013497 25/08/2009 CLEMENTS, Claire
Pers/383/06 20/10/2006 CLOUGH, Zena Anne
Pers/301/05 19/12/2005 COBBY, Philip James
Pers/316/06 15/02/2006 COE, Carol Diane
Pers/305/05 23/12/2005 COEN, David
LN/000013624 17/03/2010 COLDRAKE, Susan
Pers/98/05 20/08/2005 COLE, Simon
Pers/135/05 10/08/2005 COLLIER, Cindy Cherie
Pers/157/05 30/08/2005 COLLINGBOURNE, Stephen Mark
LN/000013783 01/05/2013 COLLINS, Aisling
Pers/88/05 25/08/2005 CONNABEER, Caroline Jane
LN/000013619 25/02/2010 CONNOR, Margaret
Pers/24/05 06/07/2005 COOPER, Daniel Graham
LN/000013642 17/08/2010 COOPER, Danielle
Pers/400/07 06/01/2007 COOPER, Lesley Karen
LN/000013489 14/07/2009 COOPER, Mark
Pers/338/06 20/04/2006 COPA DA PIEDADE FRANCISCO, Carlos Emanuel
Pers/278/05 03/11/2005 CORK, Graham Douglas
LN/000013819 21/03/2014 CORK, Timothy
LN/000013665 10/12/2010 CORNES, Nicholas
Pers/494/08 13/03/2008 CORRY, John Charles
LN/000013693 05/08/2011 COSGROVE, Adam
LN/000013664 09/12/2010 COTTON, Nicola
Pers/19/05 11/07/2005 COURTENAY Jane Elizabeth
Pers/20/05 11/07/2005 COURTENAY, Tony James
Pers/25/05 06/07/2005 COUSIN, Simon James
LN/000013698 18/08/2011 COWLEY, Tina
Pers/433/07 16/05/2007 COX, Ryan David
Pers/172/05 27/07/2005 COX, Sally Anne
LN/000013831 24/07/2014 CRAFTER, Rebecca
Pers/169/05 27/07/2005 CRETELLA, Jean
Pers/346/06 24/05/2006 CRETELLA, Ronald Frederick
LN/000013658 06/10/2010 CROPPER, Stephen
Pers/255/05 02/09/2005 CROFT, Christopher James
LN/000013620 26/02/2010 CURANT, Samuel
Pers/418/07 04/07/2005 CURRY, Stewart William