Personal Licence Register - A

This information is provided under the requirements for the Licensing Authority to maintain a public register which can be viewed free of charge. The details of the licences can be viewed below.

Licence Number

Licence Issued

Personal Licence Holder

LN/000013834 19/08/2014 ABDULLA, Kargar
LN/000013465 08/04/2009 ABRAHAM, Mano
Pers/420/07 30/03/2006 ABREU, Sergio Franco De
LN/000002178 20/07/2005 ADAMOU, Nicholas
Pers/34/05 15/07/2005 ADAMS, Christine
LN/000013711 17/10/2011 ADRIENNE, Matthew
LN/000013630 23/04/2010 AHMADPANAH, Payam
Pers/366/06 10/08/2006 AHMED, Rezwan
LN/000013747 02/08/2012 AHMED, Sohail
LN/000013721 06/02/2012 AKERMAN, Sarah
Pers/442/07 11/06/2007 AKTURK, Mehmet Hanifi
Pers/438/07 05/06/2007 ALDINGTON, Rachel Margaret
Pers/4/05 04/05/2005 ALI, Mohib Uddin Ali
Pers/245/05 29/08/2005 ALI, Wasid
Pers/143/05 19/07/2005 ALLEN, Paul
Pers/120/05 02/09/2005 ALLERY, David Victor
Pers/126/05 31/08/2005 ALLERY, Jean Patricia
Pers/441/07 08/06/2007 AMBRIDGE, Martin Richard
LN/000000080 28/10/2008 AMIRAN, Melissa Pamela
LN/000001741 04/07/2005 ANDREOU, Christopher
LN/000001740 04/07/2005 ANDREOU, Mary
LN/000001739 04/08/2005 ANDREOU, Savvas
LN/000013772 27/03/2013 ANENE, Christian
Pers/360/06 05/07/2006 ANGUS, Laura Sian
LN/000013626 12/04/2010 ANSELL, Charles
LN/000013627 12/04/2010 ANSELL, Margaret
Pers/234/05 30/08/2005 ANTONI, Jack
LN/000013492 28/07/2009 ANTONIO, Rui
Pers/90/05 13/08/2005 ARUK, Jacqueline Augusta
LN/000013651 09/09/2010 ASH, Mark
LN/000013822 02/05/2014 ASHCROFT, Jackson
Pers/205/05 05/09/2005 ATKIN, Malcolm John
Pers/437/07 01/06/2007 ATKINS, Tracy Lorraine
Pers/384/06 07/11/2006 AVERY, Matthew Kit