Parking Suspensions and Dispensations

Parking Dispensation

A parking dispensation is an exemption to existing parking controls.

Each parking dispensation is for only one vehicle and issued for a certain restriction but does not guarantee a specific parking space.

Every application is considered on its individual merits

Dispensations are unlikely to be authorised for locations where parking is normally not permitted.

The fee for a parking dispensation is £30 per vehicle per day. 

Parking Dispensations can be used in only one vehicle. We do not offer refunds for dispensations.

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Parking Place Suspension

A parking place suspension temporarily reserves the bay for a particular purpose and it is shown by a yellow sign erected on the nearest signpost.

Parking Suspensions are often used to enable essential highway maintenance or utilities works and every application is considered on its individual merits.

A parking space cannot be suspended for preferential or convenience parking.

If an unauthorised vehicle proceeds to park in the suspended area, an officer will issue the vehicle a Penalty Charge Notice, but we do not have the facilities to remove the vehicle.

The fee for suspending a parking place (5.25m) is £30 per day. Parking suspensions are non-refundable.

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