Chorleywood area wide parking review (Area 4 Chorleywood Bottom)


People at each address in the area are invited to comment on proposed parking improvements by 19 July 2021: 

Chorleywood Area 4 (Chorleywood Bottom) Survey

The Three Rivers District Council, acting as agent for Hertfordshire County Council, is carrying out a parking study in roads around the Chorleywood area, following receipt of a number of requests for new or improved parking controls in this area. 

More information on the Chorleywood area-wide consultation and consultation areas can be viewed here: 21-1 Chorleywood area-wide parking review

We have received various requests area around the Chorleywood Bottom area which include:

  • Chorleywood Bottom addresses to be included in the permit zone
  • Extension of existing parking bays on Quickley Lane
  • Creation of new parking bays on Chorleywood Bottom
  • Double yellow lines to keep footways and sight lines clear of parked vehicles on the curve from the Common
  • Double yellow lines around the junction of Commongate Road.

You are invited to comment on the existing parking situation and the proposal to include Chorleywood Bottom in the ‘OW’ Controlled Parking Zone (shown on the plan below).Chorleywood area 4 consultation(Click image for full size plan)

Your response is important because it will help us to understand the local parking situation. Your views on any proposed improvements will also help us to produce a better scheme, to make parking safer, easier and more convenient.

The District Council’s policy is to progress proposals only where there is local support for them, unless there are exceptional reasons. This survey will help to provide evidence for this.

If you have any queries or comments please email: quoting reference "21-1 Area 4"
You can also find useful answers to common questions here: