Temporary suspension of charges and enforcement (Covid-19)

23rd March 2021

All parking charges and parking enforcement for most contraventions are suspended by the council until 29 March, 2021, to help key workers and residents during lockdown.

The suspension of parking enforcement includes residential controlled parking zones. However, double and single yellow lines are still being enforced to stop any dangerous parking and to keep traffic flowing.

Full charges and enforcement will resume on 29 March, 2021 when the government's 'stay at home' order ends.

Questions and answers

Have parking charges been re-instated?

Parking charges and enforcement of all parking controls will resume on Monday 29 March 2021. As the lockdown eases, businesses are re-opening and people returning to work. We will see an increase of traffic on the roads and it is important that we respond to this.  

Are you enforcing the resident parking zones?

We will begin enforcement of permit parking bays on 29 March 2021. Single yellow lines will also be fully enforced from this date also.  

Is it safe to use a pay and display ticket machine?

The frequency of cleaning the machines will be increased but it is impractical for all public surfaces to be cleaned prior to contact. It is recommended that you take the same precautions you would when shopping, using ATM’s, opening doors etc. 

Why have I received a warning notice?

If you have received a warning notice your vehicle was seen parked in contravention of a parking restriction. You do not need to do anything with the notice but you should not park in the same manner again as you may receive a penalty charge notice.

My parking permit has expired during the enforcement suspension?

Parking permit renewals will be processed as normal and all permit holders are advised to renew their permits before the recommencement of parking enforcement on 29 March 2021 in order to avoid a Penalty Charge Notice being served.

Will I be refunded for the time I have lost on my permit due to the enforcement suspension? 

All residential and annual visitor permits will be automatically given a three month extension upon renewal. The next permit will therefore be valid for 15 months.

I usually renew my permit at Three Rivers House?

If previously you have come into Three Rivers House to renew or apply for your parking permit then you will need to contact the parking team by calling 020 8207 7422 for assistance.

For any concerns regarding parking and parking enforcement please email or call 0208 2077422.