Parking and Driveways

It is against the law for vehicles to be driven on or over footways on public roads (the pavement) to get access into private property such as a private driveway, except where a vehicle crossover, with a dropped kerb access from the highway, has been constructed with the agreement of the Highway Authority, Hertfordshire County Council.

To find out what you will need to do in order to construct a vehicle crossover, please contact the Hertfordshire County Council's Highways department here The County Council will provide you with information regarding applying for a dropped kerb crossover from the highway.

You may need planning permission to construct a driveway or to install hardstanding in your garden. To find out whether you need planning permission you should contact the Three Rivers District Council’s Development Management team at

If you want to construct an access to your property over land owned by Three Rivers District Council, please use the Guidance and Application Form for a Vehicle Crossover which can be downloaded below.

Vehicle Crossover Guidance (docx)

Vehicle Crossover Application Form (docx)