Our response to the Environmental Statement for the HS2 railway

We made a full response to the Government’s consultation on the HS2 Environmental Statement in February 2014.

This response criticised the lack of detail provided, the poor quality of some of the data used and the lack of solid commitments to manage the project in a way that would protect local residents.

We have petitioned Parliament to address some of our specific concerns. Our petition will be considered by a Parliamentary Select Committee, possibly before the end of March 2015.

We will meet HS2 Ltd to discuss and try to resolve our concerns before then. We would like to get their agreement to modify the way HS2 intend to progress the project. We have engaged a specialist parliamentary agent, with expertise in promoting such petitions, to develop and present our case to the Select Committee.

We are also working on many other matters relating to HS2. We are attending various consultation forums that are helping HS2 Ltd to develop their procedures. These forums work through the documents that will form the controls on the project to make sure it is properly managed. We are commenting on these proposed controls.

The documents must be complete by the time the Bill is passed.