Petition to Parliament on the proposed HS2 railway

The District Council formally petitioned Parliament to amend several aspects of the Bill, in 2015. Councillors are concerned that the area would be severely affected by the pollution and traffic associated with the three large construction compounds which would be needed to build the Chiltern Tunnel and the Colne Valley Viaduct.

These compounds are expected to be operational for many years and would house nearly 250 people. There would be up to 700 people working on site, round-the-clock, for eight years or more.

We also have concerns about the likely visual effects of the proposed remodelling of the landscape. The proposals include the excavation and deposition of over 12 million tonnes of material to form what HS2 Ltd refers to as the 'West Hyde embankment', a large new earthwork to the southwest of West Hyde which will significantly change the landscape in this part of the Colne Valley.

For more information about the proposed new railway please contact the scheme promoter, High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB. 020 7944 4908 .  Alternatively more information is available at its website, here.

The proposals would primarily affect the Chorleywood South and Maple Cross Ward (including West Hyde) but traffic will have much wider effects on the Rickmansworth area, the M25 motorway and many other local roads.

In response, the Government made additional commitments and gave assurances to the Council over the way that the works would be constructed. These assurances were given in the letters published below:

HS2 Petition assurance letter 1 (pdf)

HS2 Petition Letter 1B.pdf (pdf)

HS2 Petition assurance letter 2 (pdf)


The Local Ward Councillors have campaigned strongly to raise awareness of the harm that the proposed railway could cause. If you would like to let them know how you feel you may be affected and express your support for their work, their contact details can be found on the Ward Councillors page.

The full plans can be found here  

The Three Rivers petition looked at seven topics that are most relevant to this area. These topics include:

  • The lack of detail in the Plans and information provided, specifically in showing the details of depositing of soil and other materials together with landscape remodelling.
  • Sound, noise and vibration concerns.
  • Land quality and contamination concerns.
  • Traffic and transport concerns.
  • Air quality during the construction.
  • Health and well being of the local community.
  • Lighting of the construction compounds and railway.

This petition asked Parliament to consider the need for more detailed consideration of the proposals and where appropriate, better measures to protect the residents and businesses of this part of Three Rivers District.