Older People – Falls

Hertfordshire Falls Liaison Service

The Falls Liaison Service provide:

- access to the OTAGO Strength and Balance Programme for older people assessed in need;

- access to Chair Based Classes, for older people not yet ready for the OTAGO Programme

- a home based needs assessment for falls prevention of older people with more complex needs

Referral to the service must come from another agency. You can download a copy of the referral form below. This includes completion of a CRYER Assessment.

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More information on the Falls Liaison Service is available from:

Personal Risk Factor Checklist

You can download a copy of Hertfordshire County Council’s personal risk factor checklist for falls prevention below. This can be handed out to any person, or carer of a person, over the age of 65 years.

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Other Useful Services

Click on the links below to see what other support services there are to help prevent falls in the home, support independent living and increase mobility for older people.

Help in the Home
Physical Activity