New premises licence applications

New Premises Licence Applications

Under the Licensing Act 2003 a Premises Licence is required for any of the following:

  • Retail sale or the supply of alcohol
  • Performance of a play
  • Exhibition of a film
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Boxing or wrestling events
  • Performing live music (exemptions apply)
  • Dancing (exemptions apply)
  • Supplying hot food or drink between 11.00pm and 05.00am

The Council is the licensing authority for its area, dealing with all licensing functions relating to the above-mentioned activities. The Council must have regard to the Government's statutory guidance (external link) issued under Section 182 of the Act when dealing with its licensing responsibilities and has been required to prepare a Licensing Policy, which explains the factors that the Council will consider when examining applications for licences and for monitoring compliance with licence conditions. The Act, the statutory guidance and the policy seek to achieve four main objectives, which have equal importance:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Protection of children from harm
  • Protection of public safety
  • Prevention of nuisance

Who can apply for a Premises Licence?

The principal category of those who can apply for a premises licence is anyone who proposes to carry on a business involving licensable activities on the premises. This covers any individual (aged at least 18) or companies, unincorporated bodies, partnerships, etc. Recognised clubs, charities, a proprietor of educational establishments, health service bodies and a chief officer of police may also apply for a premises licence.

Applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the UK. When applications are submitted for individuals or partnerships, proof of this right will need to be included. We will handle any information provided to us in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

Apply Online:

 By post:

Please refer to the licence fees and licensing policy when making your application.

Advertising the applications

All applications for new premise licences and club premises certificates, and licence variations must be advertised. This involves displaying notices outside the premises as well as placing an advert in the local newspaper.

The notice(s) should be displayed at the premises on A4 size blue paper for 28 days. Day 1 is the day following the day the complete application is received at the Local Authority. If you are unsure please check with us. Please be aware this document must be printed on blue paper as required by Regulation 25 of the Licensing Act 2003. A template can be downloaded here:

This notice must comply with Section 25 of the licencing Act 2003:

Advertisement of applications

In the case of an application for a premises licence or club premises certificate the person making the application must advertise the application containing the appropriate information:

1. for a period of no less than 28 consecutive days starting on the day after the day on which the application was given to the relevant licensing authority, by displaying a notice,on
2. pale blue paper no larger than A4 sized paper
3. printed legibly in black ink or typed in black in a font of a size equal to or larger than 16; all cases, prominently at or on the premises to which the application relates where it can be conveniently read from the exterior of the premises and in the case of a premises covering an area of more than 50 metres square, a further notice in the same form and subject to the same requirements every fifty metres along the external perimeter of the premises abutting any highway.
5.You must publicize the same notice in the local newspaper, circulating in the vicinity of the premises, within ten working days. The ten working days start on the day after the day on which the application was given to the council. Applicants must provide a copy of the newspaper to the licensing department to support the application. 

Will tacit consent apply?


More information

For further information about personal licences, or to discuss any particular issues, please email us at, or phone us on 01923 776611.