Parking management schemes recently introduced in Three Rivers District

Croxley Green Permit Parking Zone (2021)

Following a series of consultations and a formal notice published last Autumn, this Permit Parking Zone started operating from the 31 March 2021. 

The effectiveness of the Zone design will be reviewed after six months of operation. We will be looking at any requests for changes to the signs and lines we receive, and will consult local people for their view on these requests. While the scheme design was carefully shaped in response to local views, over several years of development from 2017-2020, we want to ensure that it is working well now and will deliver the intended benefits into the future.

The Zone operates for one hour during the day (from 12pm to 1pm) in the streets listed below. Only vehicles with valid permits are permitted to park in these streets during this time. Permits are available to residents, their visitors and other people with a legitimate need to park near local addresses.

Details of the Order can be viewed on this page: Current Notices of Parking & Traffic Regulation Orders by Three Rivers District Council. These documents were also placed on deposit at the Council offices in Rickmansworth, but as the public cannot currently view these in person, copies may be requested by email from Responses to the formal notice were considered on the 21 December 2020 and the Order was made and published the next month.

Scheme details

You can view the detailed plans here. This Permit Parking Zone will cover all the public roads shown within the Zone boundary which is shown on this plan.

This will help people at local addresses to find parking spaces more easily during the day, by making it unlawful for people who do not have a permit to park in local roads during the Zone hour (preventing all-day parking by non-residents, for example).

Permits will be required to park in parking bays only for one hour, from 12pm to 1pm when the Zone operates. Parking in bays at any other  time will not be controlled. 

Streets included in the proposed Permit Parking Zone:

  • Watford Road (part)
  • Gonville Avenue
  • The Crescent
  • Hazelwood Road
  • New Road (part)


  • Beechcroft Avenue
  • Dickinson Square
  • Dorrofield Close

This scheme is proposed in response to requests we received from the public and was developed using feedback from three informal stages of consultation. Comments from residents, local groups and businesses and key stakeholders including the local Parish Council were used to shape the draft detailed design plans for the proposed parking scheme, to make the final scheme work as well as possible for local people and visitors, as well as the general public.

Permits will be available in a similar way to the existing Parking Zone in Winton Drive (2 permits per household) with special permits for residents' visitors and other people like carers and Health visitors.

For further details of the implications of parking permit schemes, please view our Permit Parking Measures - Frequent Questions.

How has this scheme developed?

The District Council carried out a series of consultation exercises to discover and confirm the views of local residents, businesses and the public, in order to produce a new parking scheme solving numerous current problems in parts of Croxley Green. The proposals have been shaped by feedback from extensive consultation.

The first consultation included every road in the village and showed that people in a number of roads felt there was a parking problem and wanted new parking restrictions to address this. This consultation followed complaints received from people in many roads who reported parking difficulties that were often said to be due to parking by non-residents in residential streets.

A preliminary design proposing a permit parking zone was publicised in 2018 and a further survey attracted many useful comments and views about local parking conditions, as well as confirming the level of public support. The results of the earlier consultation can be seen here, at Item 6 of the relevant committee meeting.

Following this committee meeting to determine which streets would be included, the outcomes of this survey led to publication of a draft detailed design in July 2019. This generated further public comments and suggestions that have been fed into the design process, to produce a locally-informed solution to existing parking problems.

Frankland Road (eastern end)

In January 2020, the District Council re-surveyed Frankland Road (eastern part) following the receipt of a petition in September 2019 and on the basis of a clear majority in that area (23 addresses in support of a permit parking scheme, with 28 addresses not in support), has determined not to include Frankland Road with the currently proposed scheme, so no new road markings will be introduced there.

Although there will be no new markings on the road, a small number of addresses at the eastern end, including those in Nuttfield Close, are proposed to be eligible for permits to park in the zone.

Dickinson Square and Dickinson Avenue

Following further surveys early in 2020, a decision was taken in July to include Dickinson Square but exclude Dickinson Avenue from the scheme.

The further surveys indicated that in Dickinson Avenue, most respondents did not want the street to be included (68% of total responses, with 23% wanting it to be included). In Dickinson Square, most people (54%) preferred the street to be included in the scheme (40% preferring it to be excluded).

These additional surveys were carried out to ensure that the Council took a robust decision, because the clear majority of people in each street had expressed different views at each stage of consultation and involving three petitions.

The decision to include or exclude streets was particularly challenging because both roads include sections where parking needs differ within the street, which resulted in inconsistent feedback overall. It is not however practical to treat different parts of the street in different ways.

Local Ward Councillors have asked for further detail of the responses to be published, as follows:

Survey forms were sent to 57 households and 35 responses were received giving an overall response rate of 61%.

19 (54% of total responses) selected ‘Yes’ on the survey form, confirming that they wish to be included in the proposed parking permit scheme.

14 (40% of total responses) selected ‘No’ on the survey form, confirming that they do not wish to be included in the proposed parking permit scheme.

1 (3% of total responses) returned the form with detailed comments but did not answer the survey question and appeared to be neutral.

1 (3% of total responses) completed the survey form but did not give their full address and were treated as anonymous.

A clear majority of respondents in the ‘straight’ section adjacent to Dickinson Avenue supported the proposals.


Various minor parking improvements 2019

The District Council made the Traffic Orders  following surveys, to address current parking problems in roads around the District in December 2019. You can view the statutory notices of making of the Orders here, which affects streets including:

  • Arundel Road, Leavesden
  • Garden Road and Breakspeare Road, Abbots Langley
  • The Crescent, Abbots Langley
  • Roman Gardens, Kings Langley
  • Abbots Road, Abbots Langley
  • Gallows Hill and Gallows Hill Lane, Abbots Langley
  • Water Lane, Kings Langley
  • Heronsgate Road, Chorleywood
  • Silk Mill Road, Oxhey
  • Bucknalls Lane, Garston

You can view the plans as a separate document here: Order Plans (pdf).

If you would like more information, please contact the District Council in writing or email

Changes to Short-stay Car Parks in Rickmansworth, from April 2018Three Rivers District Council has launched a new service in the short-stay car parks in Rickmansworth, offering free parking for one hour - with a small charge of only £1.00 to park for a second hour.

One hour of free parking is provided in the short-stay car parks in Rickmansworth (with two hours for £1), which also change to 4-hour maximum stay, including:

  • Northway multi-storey Car Park, Upper and Lower decks
  • Three Rivers House Rose Garden Car Park
  • Three Rivers House Staff Car Park Upper and Lower decks (Saturdays only)
  • Talbot Road Car Park 'A' (West of 9 Talbot Road)
  • Ebury Road Car Park

The service enables people to park for longer in those car parks with charges of:

  • £1 for the second hour
  • £2.50 for up to 3 hours 
  • £4 for up to 4 hours

The new parking payment machines will not accept the use of cash but will accept payment cards, which can be used either as chip&PIN or contactless.

This new service will support local business and especially local retail services by making it easier for their customers to find parking in these short-stay car parks.

These car parks are intended to make parking easy for people who want to visit the town to shop, or use the many vibrant local facilities, and the introduction of a charge is expected to encourage turnover of vehicles, freeing up more of over 300 parking spaces dedicated to short-stay visitors in Rickmansworth.

The scheme was developed following a detailed study into the use of the short-stay car parks in Rickmansworth, which you can find here. This led to decisions by the full Council and Policy & Resources committee which required this scheme to be advertised. The formal notice can be found here, along with details of objections and an explanation of how these were considered and addressed.

Local Councillors responded strongly to public concerns raised over the proposed swap of the short-stay service at Northway car park with the long-stay service provided by Talbot Road (High St) car park. The agreed scheme now no longer includes this feature, which was removed following objections to the traffic order notice.

In addition to the one hour of free parking and the £1.00 for a second hour, visitors who need to park for longer in Rickmansworth will now also be able to pay to park for longer in these short-stay car parks (charges at £2.50 for three hours and £4.00 for four hours).

The changes were proposed by a cross-party Working Group including local Councillors from each political party, as part of a raft of measures to address the growing problem that providing free car parking was costing local taxpayers up to £180,000 every year. Legal guidance makes it clear that parking must be paid for by the people who use it - not subsidised by local taxpayers.

Local Councillors rejected the consultant’s recommendation to reduce free parking in short-stay car parks to only 30 minutes, choosing instead to change the ‘two hours free’ to a ‘first hour free, second hour for a pound’ service.

A further decision taken in October added a new feature, that payment would be accepted only by payment card. New machines that do not accept cash would be introduced in all car parks in the town, making it easier for people to pay for longer stays. Details of the decision, which included a rigorous Equality Impact Assessment, can be found here:

The Order was made on the 5 April 2018 and came into effect on the 16 April 2018. As with all new parking schemes there will be a 'grace period' for some weeks during which enforcement is not applied, before the new restrictions are enforced.