New Parking Enforcement Partnership


New parking machines in car parks across Three Rivers District

As part of the new contract, Hertsmere Borough Council has suggested that we introduce parking machines in all off-street car parks, to make parking enforcement more efficient by requiring car park users to display a ticket to show the time they arrived.   

At present, enforcement officers have to write down every vehicle registration in their notebooks, which of course is time-consuming, so a new requirement to display time-labelled tickets makes sense. The introduction of free vend machines in the Council’s car parks was agreed by the Policy and Resources Committee in October 2017.   

This means that we will be installing these machines in the next few weeks and at some point in the near future, drivers will be required to display tickets when parking in free car parks.

This does not mean that people will have to pay to use free car parks, only that they will have to display a free ticket. This requirement to display a ticket will not come into effect until the signs are changed, so users should check the signs.

At present this is intended to include every free public car park in the district, in addition to the short term car parks in Rickmansworth.

We are also installing new machines in the existing pay-and-display car parks, which will accept payment by debit or credit card only. You will be able to choose whether to use contactless, or you can choose to use your PIN number.

Some of your questions answered

Q - If a machine is being installed, does this mean that I will have to pay to park?

A - Not necessarily. Ticket machines are being placed in all the free car parks as well as the car parks where you have to pay.

Q - When will I have to start displaying a ticket in my windscreen?

A - Not until the signs are up, to tell you that you need to. We will publicise the date you will have to do this. It depends on the car park - in free car parks, you will not need to use a ticket until the signs are changed to show that a ticket is required to park.

Q - Will people have to pay to park at the Aquadrome?

A - There are currently no plans to charge at the Aquadrome car park. The parking ticket machines being installed at the moment are not to do with short-stay charging, but are part of a district-wide introduction  of machines in all free car parks, intended for future use for free-vend (which means that, at some point in the future yet to be determined, users would have to display a free ticket).