New club premises certificate

New club premises certificate

Clubs are organisations where members have joined together for particular social, sporting or political purposes and then combined to buy alcohol in bulk as members of the organisation to supply in the club, or provide regulated entertainment.

They commonly include Labour, Conservative and Liberal Clubs, the Royal British Legion, other ex-services clubs, working men’s clubs, miners' welfare institutions, social and sports clubs.

To provide one or more qualifying club activities (i.e. supply of alcohol, regulated entertainment, provision of facilities for music and dancing), the premises must hold a Club Premises Certificate.

Please refer to the List of Fees 2022 and licensing policy when making your application.

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By post:

Both forms must be completed for a new application. An Application for a Club Premises Certificate Guide is available help you make your application.

Advertising the applications

All applications for new premise licences and club premises certificates, and licence variations must be advertised. This involves displaying notices outside the premises as well as placing an advert in the local newspaper.

The notice(s) should be displayed at the premises on A4 size blue paper for 28 days. Day 1 is the day following the day the complete application is received at the Local Authority. If you are unsure please check with us. Please be aware this document must be printed on blue paper as required by Regulation 25 of the Licensing Act 2003. A template can be downloaded here:

This notice needs to be tailored for your premises and has to be printed on blue paper.  

You must publicize the same notice in the local newspaper, circulating in the vicinity of the premises, within ten working days. The ten working days start on the day after the day on which the application was given to the council. Applicants must provide a copy of the newspaper to the licensing department to support the application.

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes, tacit consent will apply.

This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from the Council by the end of the target period.

A copy of the application will be provided to Responsible Authorities on first working day after the application is received by Licensing Unit.

Please note: this only related to applications submitted online. You are required to serve a copy of the application, including the accompanying documentation, to the “responsible authorities” on the same day as the application is given to the Licensing Unit if posting the application.

At the end of the consultation period, if no representations are received the licence will be granted and issued within a further 2 weeks.

If representations are received a hearing will be held within 20 working days of end of consultation period.

The consultation period is for 28 days from the day after the application is received.


More information

For further information about personal licences, or to discuss any particular issues, please email us at, or phone us on 01923 776611.