Neighbourhood Watch

neighbourhood-watch.jpgYour local scheme

The Watford and Three Rivers division of Hertfordshire Constabulary offer advice, consulting and training in all matters relating to crime prevention, including setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

For more information, please see the Neighbourhood Watch contact details page (link on the right) or visit the Herts Watch website. 

You can download a copy of a Neighbourhood Watch reporting form and useful contacts below.

To receive Community Messaging you must be living or working with a registered postal address in Hertfordshire. In most instances we will contact you by email. Should the need arise, occasional SMS text could be sent to your mobile phone for urgent or emergency incidents.

After you have signed up to Community Messaging we will be able to send you messages of interest relating to Hertfordshire and/or specific to your neighbourhood or district. Hertfordshire Constabulary will send you around one or two messages a fortnight, although you may be sent additional messages should the need arise. This service is completely free.

Neighbourhood Watch