Reusable nappies and nappy sacks


The council offers several options for residents with children in nappies;

White nappy sacks, with the council logo on, can be purchased online for £12.38 per roll plus postage. These will be collected once a fortnight, at the same time your refuse bin is emptied, provided they are left next to the green refuse bin. You can also purchase them at selected council offices and libraries

If you live in Hertfordshire and look after children in nappies it’s easy to apply for 15% off products from selected suppliers. Simply visit the Herts Reusable Nappies pages and complete the application form to apply for access to these discounts.

Using home laundered nappies rather than disposables can save £600 on the cost of keeping babies in nappies.

Most single-use nappies are about 50% plastic and 50% wood pulp - far more damaging than a coffee cup. And we throw away eight million single-use nappies every day in the UK.



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