Making an Application

Three Rivers receives nearly all applications online and we recommend that you make your planning application via the Planning Portal.  Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.


  • The benefits of applying online include:
  • Immediate delivery and acknowledgement
  • Online help function when completing applications
  • Online payment
  • You can work on your applications in draft before submission
  • Savings on postage and printing cost

If you prefer, you can submit your application along with supporting documents:

Via email: 
Via post: Three Rivers House in Rickmansworth.
Payment via phone: 01923 776611 (please note we no longer accept cheques)


Validation Checklist (September 2021)

In accordance with national guidance published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, Three Rivers District Council has created a list of local requirements for the validation of planning applications.  This has been incorporated into a validation checklist which encompasses national requirements (including the application form, the correct fee, ownership certificates and other specific details) as well as local validation requirements. 

Please note a planning application cannot be processed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received. The documents below must be submitted with any planning application but please see the Validation Checklist for more information as further documents may be required depending on the nature of the application.
National Requirements:
Key documents

Application Form and Fees
Location Plan
Design and Access Guidance (pdf)

Local Requirements: Key documents (not available via Planning Portal)

Local Biodiversity Checklist (docx)
CIL Additional Information (Form 1) (pdf)

For all other CIL forms please click here.


Draft Unilateral Undertaking/Agreement (doc)
Draft Section 106 Agreement (doc)

A Guide to Greening Your Home

Other important validation requirements:

Affordable Housing:

Review of parts (a) and (e) of Core Strategy Policy CP4: Affordable Housing 

The Council considers that whilst we must take into account the content of the recently published NPPF (2021) as a material consideration in any planning decision, current evidence concludes that there is a continued pressing need for new additional affordable housing in Three Rivers. Sites falling below the 10 unit and 1,000 sqm threshold should continue to make a valuable contribution towards increasing the number of affordable units in the District. Any off-site contribution to affordable housing is calculated as set out within the Affordable Housing SPD, expressed as a sum per square metre of the gross internal floor area of the market housing proposed. The sum per square metre varies according to the location of the development. The sum per metre will be index linked to the RPI from June 2011 and may, given recent inflation, be a significant amount. If in any doubt, developers should calculate the indexation sum that would be owing in their case at the application stage as it may affect the viability of the development.

In the light of the evidence, the Council will continue to fully apply parts (a) and (e) of Core Strategy Policy CP4 when determining all relevant planning applications and as such, sites delivering one or more dwellings will be required to contribute to affordable housing provision.

Where a required affordable housing contribution (including indexation from June 2011) would not be viable, a Viability Assessment / Financial Appraisal must be submitted with any application.  This viability information will be assessed by an independent financial advisor, the cost of which shall be borne by the applicant/developer. These costs are:

9 units or less: £1500 plus VAT

10 or more units: £2000 plus VAT

Large schemes: Fee to be negotiated on an individual basis

First Homes Policy Position Statement (October 2021) (pdf)

Please note that the relevant fee (payable to Three Rivers District Council for inward transmission) must be paid up-front at the time of validation, and must be a separate payment to the planning application fee.

Viability Assessments should be prepared on the basis that it will be made publicly available other than in exceptional circumstances. Even in those circumstances an executive summary should be made publicly available. Please see Validation Checklist for more information. 

Energy Statement Requirement:

Policy CP1 of the adopted Core Strategy requires all applications for new residential development of one unit and above and all new commercial development to be accompanied by a CPLAN Energy Statement and Sustainability Checklist to demonstrate the extent to which sustainability principles have been incorporated into the location, design, construction and future use of proposals, and the expected carbon emissions.

The CPLAN Energy Statement and Sustainability Checklist will not be available from 21 March 2016.  From this date, applicants will not be able to submit a CPLAN Energy and Sustainability Statement but should submit an Energy Statement demonstrating the extent to which relevant proposals meet the requirements of Policy DM4 of the Development Management Policies document which sets out that developments must produce at least 5% less carbon dioxide emissions than Building Regulations Part L (2013) requirements having regard to feasibility and viability. For building conversions, development proposals must still demonstrate that there would be an overall improvement in the energy performance of the building. Guidance on producing an Energy Statement is available at Guidance on producing an Energy Statement (pdf).

Drainage Strategy Requirement:

The Government has introduced a requirement for all major development proposals to include Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and details of drainage would be required as a Drainage Strategy. Guidance on requirements and providing Drainage Strategies is available from Hertfordshire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority at