Licensing Consultations

24th April 2019

Hackney Carraige and Private Hire Policy Review 2019

Three Rivers District Council is the Licensing Authority for the Three Rivers District. One of the requirements of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 is that the Licensing Authority has in place a policy, which must be reviewed regularly.

A review has taken place in light of previous experiences in determining applications, conducting compliance and enforcement checks and based upon changes to legislation and guidance.

The Policy is available on the Council’s web site- 

A hard copy will be provided upon request only.

It is the Council’s view that changes where required to the Policy including;

  • The inclusion of a contravention points system,
  • Mandatory training for drivers
  • Requirement to sign up for the DBS update service
  • An increase in driver experience
  • Three yearly medical certificates required
  • A reduction in the maximum age of new vehicles on the fleet and an increase in compliance tests for older vehicles to raise the vehicle standards. All new vehicles will need to meet M1 and Euro 5 standards for emissions
  • An inclusion of a dress code
  • An update to the CCTV policy following changes to data protection and GDPR.
  • The addition of NAFN (National Anti-Fraud Network). Data national base for refused and revoked drivers.
  • No part warn tyres to be fitted to vehicles
  • Door stickers to be attached to all Private Hire Vehicles
  • Inclusion of tinted windows policy


The consultation period ended on 23rd  May 2019 and has been ratified by the Policy and Resources Committee on  22nd July 2019

The Policy is due to come into force on Tuesday 1st October 2019.