Licensing Consultations

24th April 2019

Premises Licence Review Application Received 12 November 2019 - Please click here to view the application.

A review allows a Licensing Sub-Committee to look at the licence again. If necessary the Sub-Committee can change the licence conditions or permitted activities or, in extreme cases, can suspend or revoke the licence.

A review of the premises licence has been called for:
Smart Way Convenience
167-169 New Road
Croxley Green
Your representation can be sent by post or given in to the Council Offices marked for the attention of the Licensing Team or you can send it as an attachment by email to the following address:

By post to:
Three Rivers District Council
Three Rivers House

It doesn’t matter which delivery method you choose just as long as the points mentioned below are addressed and your full name and postal address are included on the representation.

Representations must relate to one or more of the four licensing objectives of crime prevention, public safety, public nuisance and child protection.

The prevention of crime and disorder. This relates to any crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour at the premises or related to the management of the premises. A licence holder/applicant cannot generally be held responsible for the conduct of individuals once they leave the premises

  1. Prevention of public nuisance. This can relate to issues such as hours of operation, noise emanating from the premises, vibrations, lighting and litter.
  2. Protection of children from harm. This relates to protecting children from the activities carried out on the premises whilst they are there.

Your comments cannot be considered if they relate to anything else, such as planning permission, the need for the premises, trade competition, or the effect on house prices. Frivolous and vexatious representations will also be rejected.

You will be notified if your representation has been accepted or rejected on the grounds of relevance to the licensing objectives.

You may be able to resubmit your comments if there is time, but there is no right of appeal if your representation is rejected. If you need advice before making a representation please contact the Licensing Team on 01923 776611.

In the interests of fairness, your name and address will be disclosed to the applicant and will be included or summarised in the report to the Licensing Sub-Committee.

You must specifically tell us if you do not wish your name and address to appear in the report to the Licensing Sub-Committee, which is a public document.  We have to formally agree in writing that your name and address are to be withheld, and this can only be for exceptional reasons.

You will be sent a form about the Licensing Sub-Committee hearing. This must be returned no later than five working days before the hearing if you want to speak at the meeting or if you want to give more information to the committee. You will also be told about the procedure the Sub-Committee will use at the hearing.

At the Hearing the review committee may ask you to clarify some information you have already given.

All parties will have the opportunity of putting their case to the Sub-Committee. They can also ask each other questions and discuss possible Conditions that might be feasible and placed on the Licence.

Only those persons who have made valid representations, which have been accepted as relevant by the Licensing Authority, and who have notified the Licensing Authority of their intention to attend, will be able to speak at any licensing sub-committee hearing. If you wish to be represented, you must notify the licensing team of who will be representing you and this could be, for instance, your Ward Councillor. Any representative can only voice the concerns of the person(s) they are representing, and cannot add their own. If you wish to be represented, you must give this notification in writing more than 5 days before the hearing.

All representations must be received by midnight on 10 December 2019, any representation received after this date will not be considered.