Licensed premises gaming notifications

Certain premises which are subject to premises licences allowing the supply of alcohol are allowed to make one or two gaming machines available for use within their premises. To do this the licence-holder needs to give us notification.

The automatic entitlement is only available to licensed premises that satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • the premises are licensed to supply alcohol, for consumption on those premises
  • the premises contain a bar
  • the premises are not subject to any licence conditions limiting the supply of alcohol to people having meals on the premises.

Gaming machines are categorised according to how much they cost to use and the maximum prize available.

The automatic entitlement allows a maximum of two gaming machines from categories C and D available for use.

Please see our gaming machine categories information sheet (pdf) for details of the maximum charges and prizes applicable to these categories.

If it is intended to provide three or more gaming machines at a premises, a licensed premises gaming machine permit must be obtained instead.

Premises providing gaming machines must ensure that they comply with the Gambling Commission's Code of Practice for clubs and licensed premises.

Giving a licensed premises gaming machine notification

Notifications can only be given by the holder of the premises licence for the premises to which the notification relates. 


The completed application form should be sent to us, together with payment of £50.

If the form has been completed correctly, we will acknowledge receipt of the notification. The holder of the premises licence may then make up to two gaming machines available within the licensed premises until such time as they cease to hold the alcohol licence.

Notifications are subject to a statutory condition, requiring that the holder complies with the Gambling Commission's Code of Practice for clubs and licensed premises.

Continuation of the automatic entitlement

The notification is valid for as long as the notifier continues to hold the premises licence for the venue. It will only lapse if the alcohol licence is transferred to another person, or if the alcohol licence itself lapses.

The notification will also cease to have effect if the alcohol licence is changed, to the point where the premises no longer qualifies for the automatic entitlement (for instance if a condition is added to the licence limiting alcohol sales to people taking meals only).

Notifications are not transferable - any new occupier of the premises who wishes to continue providing gaming machines will need to give a new notification in his own name.

The licensing authority may revoke the automatic entitlement for a particular premises if it is believed that:

  • gaming has taken place on premises in breach of the code of practice or other statutory requirements
  • the premises are mainly used used for gaming
  • allowing the provision of gaming machines to continue would not be consistent with the licensing objectives
  • a gambling-related offence has been committed on the premises.