Licensed premises gaming machine permits

Licensed premises gaming machine permits

We can issue licensed premises gaming machine permits for three or more category C or D machines (see below for details), providing that the applicant is the person named on the licence (issued under the Licensing Act 2003) and that they pay the prescribed fee.

We may also take into account any other matters which are considered relevant to the application, such as having regard to our Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy on licensed premises gaming machine permits.

Applications must be made by the person or organisation who holds the Licensing Act 2003 “on premises” alcohol licence for the premises where the permit application is being made for. The premises must be within our authority boundary.

However, an application may not be made if a premises licence, issued under the Gambling Act, is already in effect at the premises.




New applicant 


Variation to a permit




Transfer of a permit


Change of name or address


Replacement - theft/loss


Annual fee*


Maintenance of licensed premises gaming machine permits

Licensed premises gaming machine permits are valid for an unlimited duration, but they will lapse if the holder ceases to hold the alcohol licence, or if the alcohol licence itself lapses.

An annual fee* (currently £50) is payable for all licensed premises gaming machine permits. The first fee becomes due 30 days after the permit was granted, and then on the anniversary of the grant thereafter. Permits may be revoked if the annual fee is not paid.

The original permit must be kept on the premises to which it relates, and produced for inspection if requested by a police officer, a Gambling Commission enforcement officer or an authorised Lambeth council officer. If lost, stolen or damaged, a duplicate permit can be obtained from the council, but a fee will be payable for this. It will also be necessary to report lost or stolen permits to the police.

If control of the premises and the alcohol licence changes, the permit must be transferred to the new licence-holder. The same application form available above can be used for this.

The permit can be varied to change the number or category of machines authorised. A variation application can be made using the same form as is available above.

Permits can be surrendered if no longer required, by returning the original permit to the council with a note explaining this.