Land Charges

The Land and Property Information Team is responsible for maintaining the Register of Local Land Charges and completing officially submitted searches of the Register and supplementary enquiries. Supplementary enquiries are usually submitted with a search of the Register to obtain further information concerning a specific piece of land or property that may concern a potential purchaser.

Supplementary enquiries include the planning history of the property, the status of the road and whether any major road or rail proposals are expected near to the property.

Reasons to use the Local Authority:

  • High quality official local land charges searches from definitive records
  • Experienced staff with excellent local knowledge
  • No expedition fee
  • £5m indemnity insurance


We strive to provide you with an open and prompt service.  Our procedures are available to download below.

Land and Property Information Team Procedures (pdf)

Land charges fees

Guide to land charges



Please be aware that since Monday 4 July 2016, Three Rivers District Council has no longer been accepting individual CON29 questions as part of the Local Land Charges Search function; only full CON29 requests are accepted. 

We also no longer accept Solicitor’s own enquiries with a Local Land Charges Search requisition. 

LLC1 forms may still be submitted without CON29 enquiries and complete CON29 forms can be submitted without LLC1 forms.

Should individual questions be required, the customer should contact the relevant department of the Council, or County Council, that deals with this information to either answer the question or provide access to back office records under the Environmental Information Regulations.

Individual CON29O enquiries can still be submitted.

Departments responsible for con29 enquiries (pdf)

Departments responsible for con29o (pdf)

Inspection of Local Land Charges Register under the Environmental Information Regulations (formerly known as Personal Search)

Request a Personal Search