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Residents can now book a collection of textiles online. 

Remember, while textiles are 'recyclable', they cannot go in your regular recycling bin.

Items should be placed out in clear or white bags (items in black sacks will not be taken) and tied securely, so the items do not get wet.

Please leave bags out by 6am at the boundary of your property and we will collect at some point during the day. 

Items accepted; clothes, belts, handbags, curtains, towels, bed linen and paired shoes (please tie the laces together, or put a band around them to keep the pair together).

Items NOT accepted; carpets, quilts or duvets, rugs or any other material that is not clothing/textiles.   Some of these items may be accepted at the local Household Waste Recycling Centres

For other ways to dispose of textiles and other items for recycling visit 

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