Japanese Knotweed

Three Rivers District Council will take action to notify landowners about their responsibilities to control and prevent the spread of Japanese Knotweed and safely dispose of its remains.

You can report concerns about Japanese Knotweed here: Report Japanese Knotweed.

On receipt of a report the council will identify the landowner and advise them of their responsibilities.

The Council will only treat Japanese Knotweed that is on its own land. Where a landowner does not control the spread of Japanese Knotweed or safely dispose of its remains the Council may consider enforcement action.

National Reporting System: Plant Tracker

The Environment Agency, the Nature Locator team at the University of Bristol and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have joined forces to help combat the spread of the UK’s most problematic invasive, non-native plant species.

The PlantTracker app, available free from the iTunes App Store and Android Market, shows you how to identify each species and enables you to easily submit geo-located photos whenever you find one.  The app now features many invasive plant species and also includes a "Confusion Species" gallery for each one, to help you separate some of the similar looking plants you might encounter.

For more information and details of how to download the App please visit the Plant Tracker website