Housing Standards

The Council wants to ensure that everyone lives in a safe and healthy environment. In order to achieve this we undertake advice, support and enforcement in a number of areas. You can download these below.

Environmental Health - Empty Homes Strategy (doc) 

The Council is legally responsible for enforcing housing standards in the private sector and in houses in multiple occupation (for example hostels or bedsits). Private sector landlords must ensure that they provide a minimum standard of accommodation, this includes addressing basic issues such as the provision of safe gas appliances and a structurally safe building. You can read further information about the categories and standards for houses in multiple occupation.

We also provide information about basic fire precaution tips to help protect your home and family from accidents.

The maintenance of residential sewers and drains plays a vital role in public health. The responsibility for sewers and drains in residential properties falls to the homeowner and Thames Water. The Council can provide advice and guidance but we can also undertake proceedings to force the responsible person to take action.

In some cases we provide grants to assist in the renovation of homes, the provision of disabled facilities and care and repair grants to eligible people.

We recently consulted on the future of our housing renewal policy. The outcome of the consultation was to produce a Private Sector Housing renewal policy.

For further information about the role of the Council and other agencies in enforcing Private Sector Housing Standards see our Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy, which can be downloaded below.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements for the Private Sector Housing Service, either:
e-mail or telephone on 01923 776611

Housing Standards