Housing standards


The council wants to ensure that everyone lives in a safe and healthy environment free from disrepair or hazards. If you are looking to rent a property then further information can be found at GOV.UK

Information on housing standards within a house in multiple occupation and the public register (HMO) can be found here .

How we assess housing standards

The Local Authority uses the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) to assess housing standards.

The HHSRS is an evaluation tool which helps identify defects in dwellings and protect residents from the potential risks and hazards to health and safety in rented accommodation.

HHSRS: Guidance for Landlords and property related professionals (pdf)

Reporting a disrepair or unsafe property

Before informing us of a disrepair issue, you must initially report any defects to the landlord in writing, giving them the opportunity to deal with the problem. If the matter is not corrected within a reasonable timescale, you should contact the Customer Service Department via our Online contact form

On receiving your report, we will contact your landlord with your concerns.

Housing grants

The Council are able to offer grants to assist residents with improvement work in people’s homes in certain limited situations. For further information click here

Empty properties

Empty properties are a wasted resource both for the community and the owner; they reduce the supply of housing and represent a loss of income for the owner. They are often an eyesore that can blight an area, can attract antisocial behaviour, cause concern to neighbours and the local community and affect the value of surrounding properties. 

Bringing empty properties back into use is a priority for the council as it helps to alleviate some of these issues as well as increasing the supply of housing. The Empty Homes Strategy sets out our approach to managing the resource of empty homes within the borough.

Environmental Health - Empty Homes Strategy (doc) 

If you would like to report an empty property please contact the Customer Service Centre via our Online contact form


Housing Standards