Housing Associations

Housing Associations are not-for-profit organisations that are independent from the council. Housing Associations are the main developers of new homes in social housing.

The council has nomination rights to most housing association properties in the district. This means the council nominates applicants on the Housing Register who are successful in 'bidding' for properties through Choice Based Lettings.

How to apply?

There are two ways to apply for a housing association home – either directly with the housing association or through your local council.

Many housing associations run low-cost home ownership schemes. These let you buy a 'share' of a property and pay rent on the rest of it. You have the option over time of buying more shares until you eventually own the whole property.

Not all Housing Association tenants have the facility to exercise 'The Right to Acquire'. For further information please contact your Housing Association.

A full list of Housing Associations operating within the Herts Choice Homes area, including the Three Rivers District, can be found here.

Housing Associations