Housing Allocations

How to apply for social housing?

You can apply to join the Housing Register through the Home Connections website. If you qualify to join the Housing Register, your application will be made live and in the vast majority of applications your application will not be verified until the point of an offer of accomodation. In some circumstances your housing application may first need to be verified by a housing officer before being made live.

Who qualifies to join the Council's Housing Register?

Ordinarily to join the Council's Housing Register you need to have a housing need (such as overcrowding or needing to move because of an existing medical condition) to move to another property and a local connection to Three Rivers.

This usually means you have either lived in the district for at least the last five years, have immediate family who have lived in the district for at least the last ten years or work in the district for at least 24 hours a week and for at least the last year.

There are exceptions to this, such as having served in the HM Forces or having special circumstances meaning you need to move to the district. Further information on the local connection criteria and housing need can be found in the Housing Allocations Policy

Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange gives existing social housing tenants the opportunity to 'swap' properties with other existing social housing tenants who are also looking to move. If you are interested in a mutual exchange you can register with a mutual exchange agent such as Homeswapper.