Housing Allocations

How to apply for social housing?

To apply to join the Housing Register you will need to visit the Home Connections website and complete a housing application form.  If you qualify to join the Housing Register your application will be made live, although in some circumstances your housing application may need to be assessed by a housing officer first.

You can apply to join the Housing Register here.

Unfortunately due to a very high demand for social housing, only applicants with a very high housing need are likely to be allocated social housing, and renting in the private rented sector is a likely to be a speedier option to resolving most people's housing need.

Information on finding accommodation in the private rented sector can be found here

Who qualifies to join the Housing Needs Register?

Ordinarily to join the Housing Needs Register you need to have a housing need to move to another property and a local connection to Three Rivers.

To have a local connection you must

  • be living in the Three Rivers District and have done so for at least the past five years, or
  • have immediate family (parents, adult siblings, adult children) living in the Three Rivers District who have done so for at least the last ten years, or
  • be employed in the District for at least 24 hours a week and for at least the last 12 months.

You can also have special circumstances which gives rise to a local connection. If you think you have special circumstances please use the free text box at the end of the Housing Needs Register application form to explain the reasons why.

There are exceptions from the local connection criteria, such as having served in HM Forces or if you have been 'accepted homeless' by the Council. Further information on the local connection criteria and housing need can be found in the Housing Allocations Policy.

If you believe you have a medical need to move to another property you can contact the Council by emailing and requesting a medical assessment form.

The Council's Housing Allocations Policy can be found below.

Housing Allocations Policy 2013 (pdf)

Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange gives existing social housing tenants the opportunity to 'swap' properties with other existing social housing tenants who are also looking to move.

Three Rivers District Council does not operate a mutual exchange programme, however if you are interested in a mutual exchange you can register with a mutual exchange agent such as Homeswapper.

Housing Allocations