Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Knowledge test


As part of an application for a Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Driver’s Licence candidates are required to pass a written test, covering locations of well-known destinations, routes, the Highway Code and our licence conditions/byelaws.

  • The knowledge test starts at 11am and will last 1 hour.
  • The knowledge test is at: Three Rivers District Council Offices, Northway, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RL

Once an applicant has submitted an application, they are required to book themself onto a test by either speaking to a member of customer services in reception or by calling 01923 776611.

All applicants taking a test must arrive at least 15 mins before the test is due to start and sign in at our reception desk. Anyone arriving after this time will be turned away and require to rebook for another day. No exceptions can be made as there are strict timing limits we need to adhere to.

There is a carpark situated directly outside our offices, as well as on Northway. Please note that the carparks are pay and display.

The cost of the first knowledge test is included in the initial application fee.  If an applicant fails their first attempt they may retake a test at a cost of £15 per test, applicants may take up to 3 knowledge tests.   This fee must be paid at reception/One Stop Shop on the day of the test and retain the receipt to show the Licensing Officer.

If an applicant fails all three attempts then they will not be able to continue with their application, it will be returned to them and a refund offered. Anyone wishing to reapply after this must wait a period of 6 months following the final test before re-applying.

Please ring the Licensing Team on 01923 7766111 in the event of cancellations or rebooking. Should you wish to change the date nearer the time, you must contact the licensing department at least 24 hrs prior to the test. If an applicant fails to attend on the day of their test without contacting us then the full £15 test fee will be payable.

The Knowledge Test

A thorough knowledge of the whole of Three Rivers District area is required in order to pass the test. Applicants must keep their knowledge up to date – for example, new businesses or change of names or addresses of pubs, restaurants etc.

The test consists of 20 questions in total.

The pass mark is 75% (15 questions correct out of 20 or above).

Each test taken will be different from the last as questions are selected randomly from our database.

Section 1: Places of interest in and around Three Rivers

This section tests the applicant’s knowledge of locations of buildings and places. Places that may appear in this section include schools, pubs, restaurants, sports/leisure facilities, hotels, shops, churches, police stations, clubs, museums, council offices, railway and bus terminals, colleges, hospitals and other public interest. We may include certain places not in our district but close by – namely Watford General Hospital, the Police Station in Watford, Mount Vernon Hospital and the Colosseum Theatre

You will be asked to name the roads on which they are found as well as the town they are in. Only giving the town as an answer may result in an incorrect answer.

Example question 

Q: Where is Three Rivers District Council?

A: Northway, Rickmansworth

Section 2: Routes

The questions in Section 2 will give a start point and a destination. Applicants will be expected to describe the shortest, most direct route between these two places, naming ALL the streets and roads on the route they are taking. You can use the map from the handbook.

There will be an airport route, for one of the following: Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted.

Unfinished routes or routes that are unnecessarily long will result in an incorrect answer.

Example question  

Q: A passenger needs to be taken from their address in Harefield Road to Moor Park Station.

A: Church Street, Moor Lane, Sandy Lodge Road, North Approach         

Section 3: The Highway Code and safe driving

This section will have 5 questions regarding The Highway Code and general driving, to test/refresh the applicant’s knowledge. Questions will be about road markings, traffic signs, speed limits etc.

Example question

Q: What is the maximum speed limit on a motorway

A: 70mph

Section 4: Private Hire Terms and Conditions or Hackney Carriage Byelaws

This section tests the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the conditions and byelaws they will be subject to if they are granted a licence. These are attached to the application form and should be retained when handing in the application form. Answers must be clear and include all the necessary information stipulated in the condition/byelaw.

Example question

Q: Should a licenced driver notify the council of a change of address and within what timeframe?

A: Yes, in writing and within 7 days

The Three Rivers Guidebook

Some information required for the first 10 questions is contained in the TRDC handbook.

This guide is given out at the new driver appointment when the application is handed in. This book can be used for studying and getting to know the district better. It includes a map of our district. There is however a lot of information not reference in the guidebook and it is up to the applicant to familiarise themselves with our district, all places of interest and routes.

Please do not bring this study copy to the test! We will hand out our own copies at the start of the knowledge test so as to minimise the risk of dishonesty.

This guidebook will be the only paperwork allowed to be looked at during the test.

Applicants are not allowed to bring in any details of places of interest, routes, the Highway Code, byelaws/terms and conditions into the test.

Please be advised no reminders are sent out for test dates.

If you have any questions in advance of your knowledge test you can contact the Licensing Section Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 12.00pm and between 3.00pm to 4.00pm on 01923 776611.