New Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licenses

To apply for a licence in Three Rivers, you must:

  • have held a full UK DVLA driving licence for 3 years prior to applying. 
  • Be over the age of 21
  • have the legal right to work in the UK, and be able to produce documents to prove this;
  • satisfy us that you are a 'fit and proper person' to hold a driver's licence.

The 'fit and proper' requirement is wide ranging, but may take into account any previous criminal convictions or cautions, any motoring offences or endorsements, your health and physical condition, the right to undertake employment in the UK, and other such matters as we consider appropriate. Our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy will advise about what we will take into consideration.

Applying for a licence

A new Hackney Carriage or private hire driver licence application form can be obtained by clicking on the relevant link below or they can be downloaded here. The forms are also available to collect from Three Rivers Council reception.

Before submitting an application, all applicants are required to apply online for an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate. Please follow this link to do so Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate. When submitted to the licensing department the DBS certificate must be dated within last 3 months and the applicant must have signed up to the DBS update service with the certificate. 

When your application is complete, please hand in at the reception desk ALL required documents and make the necessary payment(s) (card payments only).

The documents required are:

Upon receipt of a valid and complete application, the licensing department will arrange for the necessary checks to be made. These include a full DVLA driving licence check and also a local Police check.

Once an application has been submitted and paid for, the applicant is then required to book a knowledge test online:

Knowledge Test

As part of the application process all applicants will be required to pass a written knowledge test. This test ensures that prospective drivers have a good knowledge of the geographical area of our district as well as an understanding of the conditions, legislation and regulations that apply to all licensed drivers. For more information on this test please see our knowledge test page

Please note that all checks may take up to 6 weeks or longer to complete and you will not be entitled to work as a taxi driver during this period.

Only when we have received an applicant has passed a knowledge test and all of the required documents and the results of the various checks have been received will the application be determined. Generally licences are likely to be granted if the applicant:

  • has no previous criminal convictions, cautions, motoring offences or endorsements
  • has never had a taxi licence refused, suspended or revoked
  • has been certified as satisfying DVLA’s Group 2 medical standards by their own GP
  • has the unrestricted right to work in the UK
  • is not subject to any other concerns about whether they are fit and proper to hold a licence

If one or more of the above points cannot be satisfied, it does not necessarily mean that the application will be refused, but we will need to consider your circumstances more carefully. You may be asked to attend an interview with officers to clarify certain aspects of your application, or your application may be referred to a licensing committee hearing to be determined.

Our Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy 2019 (pdf) gives more information about what will be considered when determining your application.

If we are not satisfied that an applicant is fit and proper, then we may refuse your application. You will have the right to appeal against the decision, and details will be provided to you at the appropriate time. Should your application be refused your details will be uploaded to the NAFN (National Anti-Fraud Network). Please note, there is no right of appeal to this process.

Issue of a licence

We will call you and advise when your licence (badge) is ready for collection. 


If you are working for an operator, you must provide them with a copy of your licence.

You must adhere to your driver conditions at all times.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver requirements (pdf)

Hackney Carriage Byelaws (pdf)

Failure to submit a renewal application before the expiry of your current licence will require you to apply as a new driver as we are unable to renew an expired licence.

Licences will be valid for three years (one year in certain circumstances).

Please be aware that all our licensed drivers are required to undergo annual DVLA and DBS checks. It is the licence holders responsibility to ensure all their documents, including their drivers' licence are current and up to date. It is an offence to drive a licenced vehicle without the appropriate licence issued by the local authority.

Contact us

For more information about taxi and private hire driver licences, please phone 01923 776611 or email