Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licence Renewals

COVID-19 - Change in procedures: All application forms and supporting documents must be submitted via email to To arrange payment of the application fee please call customer services on 01923 776611

IMPORTANT: All granted Hackney Carriage and private hire driver licenses must be renewed before their expiry. It is recommended that renewal applications are submitted at least 4 weeks prior to expiry, as a renewed licence will not be issued without officers being satisfied that the driver remains fit and proper to be licensed. There are several checks that need to be completed and until these are complete a licence will not be issued. It is the drivers responsibility to renew on time. 

Please download the relevant forms here
The following must be submitted:
  • a fully completed application form for renewal of licence plus appropriate fee
  • 2 recent colour passport size photos. See our "Photo guidance (pdf)" about the type of photograph we will accept.
  • a DVLA online check code which can be obtained here
  • Passport, proof of right to work and DVLA licence
  • all required ID documentation following an online DBS application (please see below) OR a copy of the DBS certificate that has been registered on the DBS Update Service
  • if required, a medical report (pdf) (all licensed drivers are required to submit a medical every 3 years until the age of 65 when this becomes an annual requirement)
    • Medicals during COVID-19 : As most GPs are unable to provide this service during the current pandemic drivers requiring to provide a medical report can complete and submit a temporary medical declaration until they are able to obtain a Group 2 medical report from their GP. This change in service is only during the Covid-19 pandemic and only if their GP is unable to provide a medical check. 
  • As of 1st April 2020 - all renewing licence holders will be required to pass a taxi safeguarding course and provide the pass certificate as part of their application

DBS check

All license holders are subject to an annual DBS check. If the licence holders current DBS certificate is due to expire when the licence expires, then a new application must be made to obtain a new DBS certificate. This can be applied for online. To apply for a new certificate please apply here
Organisation Reference: 164377
Password: Taxi
Please read the online DBS guidance which can be downloaded here: Online DBS application guidance (pdf) 
All licensed drivers are also required to sign up to the DBS Update Service as of 1 October 2019.
Once you have made the online application you are required to submit the ID used for the application to an officer, along with the DBS application fee of £52.60.
Any application to renew a licence that has gone beyond its expiry date will be rejected and the applicant will be considered as a new applicant.
In the avoidance of doubt, it is unlawful to driver a licensed vehicle without the appropriate licence and doing so may lead to prosecution.