Green Bins

green-bin-copy.pngEach household has been provided with a 140 litre green bin for waste that cannot be recycled or composted.   As most everyday household items can be recycled, there should be very little that needs to be placed in this bin. 

This green bin is collected fortnightly.

Only refuse contained within the 'closed lid' wheeled bin will be collected. The collection crew have been advised not to collect any extra waste.

The wheeled bin must be left at the property boundary by 6am on the day of collection.

Please use the online service to enquire about your collection day.

Please do not place recyclables, food or garden waste in this bin.  Look for more information about all services offered by the Council - Recycling Bins Leaflet (pdf)

Collection Assistance

Elderly, infirm and disabled residents who have no other resident to help them move the bin may apply for an assisted collection. The bin must still be visible and the front of the property but does not have to be moved to the boundary. To apply for this service, complete the online Application Form below.

Assisted Bin Collection: Application form

If your collection is missed please use this form and report it to us within 48 hours and, should we have genuinely missed it, we will return within 48 (working) hours of being notified.

If you live in a flat you may have different refuse arrangements, such as communal bulk bins.

The Council offers several options for residents with children in nappies;

  • A reward of up to £50 is available to parents who use real nappies. Based on the cost of disposable nappies, using real nappies can save up to £500 for the first child, with even bigger savings to be made if you re-use them for other children.
  • White nappy sacks, with the Council logo on, can be purchased from Council offices and selected libraries for 30p each.  These will be collected once a fortnight, at the same time your refuse bin is emptied, provided they are left next to the green refuse bin.  

Purchase nappy sacks from;


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