Full Variations to Premises and Club Premises Licences

Variations to Premises and Club Premises Licences

Changes can be made to Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates through the ‘variation' procedure.

If the proposed changes could impact on the licensing objectives then a full variation application would be required.

The licensing objectives are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

What type of change would require a full variation application?

  • Extending the opening hours of the premises/club
  • Making major changes to the premises or changing the layout of the bar area
  • Addition of licensable activity(ies) to the licence/club premises certificate
  • Increase the hours that licensable activity(ies) are permitted
  • Extend the period for which the licence has effect;
  • Vary substantially the premises to which it relates;
  • Specify an individual as the Premises Supervisor;
  • Add the sale by retail of alcohol as an activity;

How to apply


You are required to advertise your application in the local newspaper (Watford Observer) on at least one occasion during the period of 10 working days starting on the day after the day on which the application was given.

You must also display a notice at the premises. The notice must be displayed for a period of not less than 28 working days, starting on the day after the day on you give the application to the licensing authority (i.e. if you hand in your application on a Friday then the start date of the ten working day period will generally be the following Monday unless the Monday is a bank holiday when it would be the Tuesday). The notice must be:

  • at least A4 in size
  • printed on pale blue paper (not white as required for a minor variation application)
  • printed legibly or typed in black ink. The heading in a font equal to or larger than 32, the rest of the notice a font equal to or larger than 16.

You can download an example public notice below 

Variation Application Public Notice Template (docx)


In considering the application, the licensing authority will consult relevant responsible authorities. 

The licensing authority must consider any relevant representations received from any responsible authority or interested party. Representations are only relevant if it clearly relates to the likely effect of the grant of the variation on at least one of licensing objectives. 

If relevant representations are made against the application, a hearing will be held within 20 working days after end of consultation period, where the matter will be decided by the Licensing Sub-Committee.


Licensing authorities must allow the 28 working day period to expire before making a decision but will then give you a decision within ten working days, beginning on the first working day after the authority received the application.