Food Pod

Food waste in Three Rivers

silver-bin-copy.pngEach household has been issued with a 23 litre food pod for the weekly collection of food. Food can be wrapped in plastic bags (no black bags), newspaper or you can use corn starch caddy liners. Please ensure that no liquids are placed in the food pod.  If using plastic bags try to use bags you already have, such as cereal, bread or fruit/vegetable bags. Three Rivers District Council use Agrivert to recycle food waste to create renewable biofertiliser and power. You can view a series of videos about their journey from food waste to renewable power.


  • Rinse/wash your pod on a regular basis.
  • Food should not be placed in your refuse bin.
  • For a full list of recyclable items please download our leaflet. Recycling information (pdf)
  • If you require an extra food pod please contact us - although please try and minimise food waste by only buying what you need, checking dates, good storage etc More advice from Love Food Hate Waste



Food Waste - how it is recycled



Recycling Assistance

If your collection is missed please use this form and report it to us within 48 hours and, should we have genuinely missed it, we will return within 48 (working) hours of being notified.

Elderly, infirm and disabled residents who have no other resident to help them move the bin may apply for an assisted collection. The bin must still be visible at the front of the property but does not have to be moved to the boundary. To apply for this service, complete the online Application Form below.

Assisted Bin Collection: Application form

Food Pod