Executive Head of Service

Four departments report directly to the Head of Executive Service.

Community Partnerships

The Community Partnerships department supports the Local Strategic Partnership, Community Safety Partnership, and the Adults With Complex Needs Group.

The Unit also provides corporate Performance support and leads on Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Children and Adults at RiskConsultation, Anti-Social Behaviour, and Leisure and Community Grants.

The department is managed by Emma Sheridan, Head of Community Partnerships. Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience department comprises the Customer Service Centre, Communications and Watersmeet

The department is managed by Josh Sills, Head of Customer Experience
Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Electoral Services

The Electoral Services department organises Elections and compiles the Electoral Register.

The department is managed by Julie Prestige, Interim Electoral Services Manager
Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail:

Housing Services

The Housing Services section deals with the statutory homelessness function and promoting housing options and choice for people who wish to be housed in the District, including management of the Council’s Choice Based Letting Scheme. The department also provides Residential Environmental Health services, including Pollution Control and Housing Standards services.

The department is managed by Deborah Allen, Housing Operations Manager and Jason Hagland, Strategic Housing Manager
Telephone: 01923 776611  E-Mail: and