Evidence Base

The Council has commissioned and carried out a variety of studies in order to inform the evidence base for the Local Development Framework. These are technical studies which inform Local Development Framework and policy.

LDF Transport Modelling - Executive Summary Report (pdf)

Transport Study Tech Note 1 (pdf)

Transport Study Tech Note 2 with appendices (pdf)

Transport Study Tech Note 3 (pdf)

Transport Study Tech Note 4 (pdf)

Transport Study Tech Note 5 (pdf)

[EB01] Urban Capacity Study (January 2005) (pdf)

[EB02] Employment Land Study (pdf)

[EB03] Hertfordshire London Arc Jobs Growth and Employment Land (2008) (pdf)

[EB04] South West Herts Employment Land Update (June 2010) (pdf)

[EB05] Open Space Sport and Recreation Study (2005) (pdf)

[EB06] Open Space Update (2010) (pdf)

[EB06] Playing Pitch Update (2010) (pdf)

[EB14] Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (August 2007)

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