Electoral Registration

Postal Vote Refresh - January 2021

It is that time of year when Electoral Services undertakes the annual Postal Vote Refresh, where existing postal voters are asked to update their details in order to continue voting by post.

We are required by law to write to all postal voters who have had their postal votes for more than 5 years, in order to make sure that we hold the most up to date signature on our records.

This is because when you complete your postal vote, you are required to provide a date of birth and signature on a postal vote statement. These are compared against the date of birth and signature provided on your original application form. If they match, then your postal vote will be accepted, and your ballot paper included in the count, if they don’t match, then your postal vote will be rejected. This is a security measure to prevent someone else from using your vote.

It is recognised that people’s signatures change over time, and therefore legislation was introduced to allow for signatures to be refreshed every 5 years. If you have had your postal vote since at least January 2015, and have not in the intervening years, resupplied your signature, then we will write to you.

If you have not yet had your postal vote for 5 years, or if you have already resupplied your signature (either during a previous refresh exercise or by independently completing another application to vote by post), then you will not be included in this years’ refresh exercise. Instead you will receive the refresh paperwork in a future year, once the most recent application we hold is more than 5 years old.

If you have applied for a waiver, meaning that you do not need to provide your signature when completing your postal vote, then you are automatically excluded from this exercise.

If you wish to carry on voting by post, then you should complete the form which was recently sent out to you. You only need to provide your signature, but it is helpful to us if you complete the Date of Birth as well.

If you wish to change any of your details, for example where the postal vote is sent to, or if you wish to cancel your postal vote, then you can do this by either returning the form to us, or by emailing  with more details.

If you are no longer able to sign, or to provide a consistent signature, then you can apply for a waiver, meaning that you will only need to provide your date of birth on future postal vote statements. You can apply for one of these by contacting the office using the email address above, or by ringing the helpline number supplied on the form.

Anyone who does not respond to the initial form will receive a reminder after 3 weeks.

If you do not return the form to us by the deadline date shown on the letter, then your postal vote will be cancelled, and therefore you will no longer be able to vote by post.

If, after your postal vote has been cancelled you wish to vote by post in the future, you will need to make a fresh application. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm, 11 working days prior to an election.



Three Rivers District Council


The Register of Electors was published on the 1 December 2020.

If a person who is qualified to be registered as an elector finds that their name is not included on the Register of Electors for the address where they normally reside, an application for inclusion should be submitted without delay. It’s quicker and more convenient to register online:

Application forms are also available from Electoral Services (details printed below) by email: or by ringing 01923 776611.

Each month I will publish a notice of the names which have been submitted for inclusion, deletion and amendment in the Notice of Alteration. Any elector wishing to lodge an objection to an entry in the Notice must do so in writing not later than 5 days from the day the application is included on the List of Alterations.

Electoral Registration Officer

Electoral Services, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1RL

1 December 2020

The Annual Canvass 2020 Report (pdf)

Election Equality Report 2020 (pdf)

Three Rivers District Council - Sale of Electoral Register (pdf)

Further information for voters

Easy read guide to registering to vote (pdf)

The Full and Open Registers

There are two versions of the Register. The Full Register which lists everyone who is entitled to vote is only available to certain people and organisations for specified purposes. The Open Register is available for purchase by anyone who requests it to use for any purpose. You can choose whether or not you wish your name to appear on the Open Register.

To check that you are on the Full Register, or to remove yourself from the Open Register if you have not already done so, telephone the Customer Service Centre on 01923 776611 or email

Why register?

If you are not on the Register you will not be able to vote. The Register can also be used to confirm your address if you apply for a mortgage or other forms of credit.

Methods of voting

You can vote:

  • in person at a polling station
  • by post
  • by proxy. This means someone else votes at your polling station for you.  

If you would like any help or advice on these methods of voting, or to request applications be sent to you, please telephone 01923 776611 or e-mail

Electoral Registration