E-Billing for Council Tax and Business Rates

Three Rivers residents can receive their Council Tax and Business Rates  bills by email.

The 'e-billing' system will avoid any delays with the post as bills can be seen as soon as they are available, and can be more secure as bills are sent directly to the email account of the person named on the bill. As they are paperless, e-bills help to protect the environment, and they help the Council (and therefore the taxpayer) reduce printing and postage costs. 

E-bills are currently available to residents who pay their Council Tax or Business rates, and the Council is encouraging anyone who doesn't already do so to sign up for direct debit payments, which means not having to worry about remembering to pay as everything is done automatically.

Housing benefit customers and landlords can also sign up to self service and check their housing benefit on-line.

Click here to register for self service

Click here to report a council tax change of circumstance