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Modifications Consultation 28 March – 13 May 2013

Following the hearing sessions that were held on the 12 and 13 March 2013 the Council proposed some Main and Additional Modifications to the Development Management Policies LDD.  This consultation is now closed.

Although we are unable to accept any further representations the consultation documents can be viewed below:

During the consultation period which ran from Thursday 28 March and 5pm Monday 13 May 2013 the following representations on the Schedule of Main Modifications were received and passed to the Planning Inspector: representations on the Schedule of Additional Modifications will be considered by the Council only.

CPRE (pdf)
English Heritage (pdf)Hertfordshire Highways (pdf) 
Hertsmere Borough Council (pdf) 
Howard Sharp and Partners LLP (pdf) 
TRDC Comments on the Howard Sharp and Partners Representation (pdf)Sport England (pdf) 
Watford Rural Parish Council (pdf)


Document Reference - Document

DM CD1 - DM CD1 Development Management Polices Proposed Submission (pdf) July 2012

DM CD2 - Schedule of Changes to Proposed Submission (pdf)

DM CD3 - Development Management Policies Proposed Submission with Track Changes (pdf)

DM CD4 - Copies of all  representations made on Proposed Submission

DM CD5 - Development Management Polices Proposed Submission Sustainability Appraisal July 2012 (pdf)

DM CD6 - Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum (pdf) November 2012

DM CD7 - Statement of Representations (pdf) (Regulation 22 (c) (v), (vi))

DM CD8 - Development Management Policies Consultation Statement (pdf) July 2012 (Regulation 22 (c) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv))

DM CD9 - Appropriate Assessment Screening Report (pdf)

DM CD10 - Statement of Community Involvement (pdf)

DM CD11 - Compatibility with NPPF Self Assessment (pdf)


Document Reference - Document

            Core Strategy (Adopted October 2011) (pdf)

SD03 - Core Strategy Preferred Options (February 2009)

SD04 - Core Strategy Preferred Options Report of Public Consultation (April 2009)

SD05 - Core Strategy Supplemental Issues and Options (July 2007)

SD06 - Core Strategy Supplemental Issues and Options Report of Public Consultation (2007)

SD07 - Core Strategy Issues and Options (June 2006)

SD08 - Core Strategy Issues and Options Report of Public Consultation (2006)

SD14 - Three Rivers Local Plan 1996-2011

SD15 - Three Rivers Local Plan Schedule of Saved Policies

SD16 - East of England Plan (May 2008)

SD20 - South West Hertfordshire Transport Plan (2008)

SD25 - Development Management Policies Pre-Submission Consultation (pdf) (January 2012)

SD26 - Council Responses to Representations on the Development Management Policies Pre-Submission Consultation (pdf)

SD27 - Local Development Scheme (pdf) (December 2012)

SD28 - Annual Monitoring Report (pdf) (2010/11

SD29 - Three Rivers Community Strategy (pdf) 2012-2018

SD30 - Infrastructure Delivery Plan (pdf) (March 2012)

SD31 - Hertfordshire Local Transport Plan 3 2011-2031

SD32 - Three Rivers Local Investment Plan (pdf) (January 2011)

SD33 - Open Space, Amenity and Children’s Playspace SPD (pdf) (2007)

SD34 - Parking at New Development SPG (doc) (2002)

SD35 - Extensions to Dwellings in The Green Belt SPG (pdf) (2003)

SD36 - Landscape Character Assessment SPG (doc) (2003)

SD37 - Waste Core Strategy (HCC)

SD38 - Three Rivers Duty to Cooperate Statement (pdf) (2012)


Document Reference - Document

EB05 - Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study (Knight Kavanagh & Page, July 2005)

EB06 - Open Space Update (Knight Kavanagh & Page, April 2010)

EB10 - Transport Background Paper Update 2 (TRDC, February 2011)

EB11 - Access to Services and Infrastructure Background Paper (TRDC, March 2007)

EB12 - Settlement Appraisal Update Paper (TRDC, March 2010)

EB14 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Halcrow, June 2007)

EB14a - Addendum to Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Halcrow, October 2012)

EB20 - Hertfordshire Investment and Infrastructure Strategy (Roger Tym and Partners, November 2009)

EB21 - Green Infrastructure Background Paper (TRDC, March 2010)

EB22 - Water Cycle Study (Hyder Consulting, May 2010)

EB23 - Low and Zero Carbon Study (AECOM, May 2010)

EB24 - Spatial Portrait of Three Rivers (TRDC, March 2010)

EB25a - Local Policy Context (TRDC, March 2010)