Parking for blue badge holders

A blue badge entitles disabled and registered blind people to local parking concessions. It can be used by:

  • People with very severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers
  • Registered blind people who travel as passengers
  • People with very severe disabilities affecting their arms who regularly drive a vehicle, but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand

The badge can not be used for temporary disabilities such as a broken limb or convalescence.

Some people qualify automatically for the badge, while others have to be assessed. Badges can be issued to adults and to children aged two and over. In Hertfordshire the badge is issued through Hertfordshire County Council's Adult Social Services department

Blue badge ('disabled driver') Parking Bays

If you have a Blue Badge, you may be eligible for a Disabled Parking Bay to be installed on the road outside your home, if it is a public road. Requests for Disabled Parking Bays are managed on our behalf by Watford Borough Council. 

 Eligibility for a blue badge parking space

You can apply for a disabled parking bay near your home if you are:

  • a resident of Three Rivers for at least 6 months of the year/or it is for your main residence
  • a blue badge holder
  • receiving Disability Living/Attendance Allowance (mobility component at the higher rate), or PIP Personal Independent Payment at the higher rate
  • the vehicle owner registered at the address
  • unable to park in a driveway, garage or any other off-street parking

You can apply for a Blue badge ('disabled driver') Parking Bay here.

Parking provision for blue badge holders in Three Rivers District

You can use the interactive map below to find parking for blue badge holders in Three Rivers District. Look for the symbol in a dark blue circle.

Dedicated bays are located both in Three Rivers car parks and around shopping areas, in local High Streets and permit parking zones. Please note that where parking is provided for payment, fees apply to all drivers. 

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