The Council is composed of 39 Councillors who are each elected to serve for four years and are divided into the following political groups, as of May 2021:

  • Liberal Democrats: 23
  • Conservative: 11
  • Labour: 3
  • Independent Councillors Group: 2

Code of Conduct

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Register of Interests

The Localism Act 2011, under which the Code of Conduct has been made, places a legal duty on Councillors to register and disclose "Discloseable Pecuniary Interests" and Other Interests, the description of which are set out in the Code. It is also a legal requirement that such declarations are published on the Council's web site.  Please go to xxxxxxxx to view the Register of Interests.

Members Allowances

Councillors are paid a basic allowance and Members with special responsibilities also receive an additional payment. 

Details of the budget for Members' Allowances in 2012/13 can be downloaded below.


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The budget for Members' Allowances in 2011/12 can be downloaded below.  The actual expenditure on Members' Allowances in 2011/12 will be published here when the accounts have been closed and audited.


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