Council Tax and Council Tax Reduction

The Council Tax is a local tax set by local councils to help pay for local services.

The Council Tax, which is set by Three Rivers District Council, is calculated based on how much it and other public bodies in the area spend, and how much money is received from elsewhere.

Three Rivers District Council is responsible for the billing and collection of Council Tax, in accordance with spending requirements of:

  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Hertfordshire County Council Adult Social Care (from 1.4.16)
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire
  • Three Rivers District Council

In addition, Parish Councils also have spending requirements, which are paid for through Council Tax.

The amount paid in Council Tax is dependent on the valuation band on which each property is based. There are circumstances in which a bill can be reduced, including the following:

Current Council Tax charges can be downloaded from the Valuation and Bands page.

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