Council Performance

Three Rivers District Council’s vision is that the district should be a better place for everyone, their neighbourhoods, health, employment and access to services.

The aims and priorities for the Council are outlined below, and we shall work with public, private and voluntary services to achieve them.

1) Better neighbourhoods – we want to:

  • Maintain high quality neighbourhoods;
  • Reduce the eco-footprint of the district;
  • Create access to good quality jobs and employment
  • Support businesses and the local economy.

2) Healthier Communities – we want to:

  • Develop and improve access to good quality housing;
  • Create prosperity for all and access to opportunities;
  • To support the most vulnerable people in the District;
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment;
  • Reduce health inequalities, promote healthy lifestyles, support learning and community organisations.

You can view a copy of our Strategic Plan 2017-20 here - Strategic Plan 2019-22 (pdf)

Council Performance