Council departments

The council is managed by the Chief Executive and services are provided via the Director of Finance, the Director of Community & Environmental Services and the Head of Executive Services.

   Chief Executive: Joanne Wagstaffe

The Chief Executive is the head of the Council's paid service and has authority over all other officers so far as this is necessary for the efficient management and execution of the Council's functions.

The Chief Executive is the leader of the officers' Corporate Management Team and the Council's principal adviser on matters of general policy. As such, it is the Chief Executives' responsibility to secure co-ordination of advice on the forward planning of objectives and services and to secure a corporate approach to the affairs of the authority generally.

Through leadership of the officers' Corporate Management Team, the Chief Executive is responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of the Council's policies and for ensuring that the resources of the authority are most effectively deployed.

Similarly, the Chief Executive shall keep under review the organisation and administration of the authority and shall make recommendations to the Council through the Policy and Resources Committee if major changes are required in the interests of effective management.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the maintenance of good internal and external relations with outside organisations, groups and individuals in the public and private sector.

 The Director of Finance, the Director of Community and Environmental Services, The Executive Head of Services and the Solicitor to the Council report directly to the Chief Executive.

Shared Services

alison-scott.jpg      Director of Finance: Alison Scott

There are four departments, which provide shared services with Watford Borough Council.

Community and Environmental Services Department

Director of Community & Environmental Services: Vacancy

There are four departments in the Community & Environmental Services directorate.

Executive Head of Services

kimberley-grout.jpg     Executive Head of Services: Kimberley Grout

Four departments report to the Executive Head of Services