Corporate Framework and Action Plan

Each year, Three Rivers District Council updates its Corporate Framework. This is a document that brings together our high level, medium to long-term objectives which, following consultation and analysis of data, the council considers to be its priorities for the district. 

The current Corporate Framework can be downloaded below.


We want Three Rivers to be a place for everyone where all our communities enjoy a healthy and sustainable future with access to good quality housing and open spaces, high quality services, and a successful economy.

We recognise that Three Rivers is a mixture of beautiful countryside, villages and small towns, and the majority of its inhabitants are relatively healthy, well educated, affluent, articulate and able to access our public services. Not surprisingly, people want this state of affairs to improve further, or at least to stay the same, and the Council’s plans must pay careful heed to this point of view, without slipping into complacency.

However, deprived communities do exist in the district, often side by side with more affluent areas, where disadvantaged individuals and groups find difficulty in accessing the full range of services and facilities, which many of us take for granted. The council has therefore made a conscious decision to concentrate on improving services and access to services for all people, particularly the people in deprived communities.

So, the job for the Council is to ensure we manage the future growth and development of the district whilst also protecting our precious environment, rising to the challenge of climate change and ensuring people can lead active, healthy, safe and fulfilling lives with positive employment and opportunities.

In addition to this, the funding arrangements for Councils continues to change and create pressures for us in balancing our budgets whilst providing high quality services. So in addition to our role in the wider district, we also need to focus on the continued transformation of the Council – ensuring that we deliver the right services at the best cost to residents and local businesses.

This document outlines the Council’s priority themes for the next three years.

Corporate Framework 2020-23(pdf)

There is also a one year Action Plan for the year 2021/22.

Corporate Action Plan 2021/22 (pdf)