Contacting Council Tax Bailiffs

If you have received a letter from the council's bailiffs regarding an outstanding debt you will need to contact them directly.

Useful information

If you have been contacted by one of our bailiff companies you must contact them directly regarding how you wish to pay any outstanding money owed to the council.

The bailiff companies have standard charges.

Their charges are as follows :

  • For sending an initial letter to you £75.00 (this is known as the "compliance" stage)
  • For visiting your property £235.00 (this is known as the enforcement stage)
  • Removing and/or selling belongings £110.00 (this is known as the "sale" stage)

If the debt you owe is greater than £1,500 the bailiff can charge you 7.5% extra for any of the debt over £1,500.

Rossendales Ltd
Phone number: 08447 013 980

Equita Ltd
Phone number: 08445 618 807

Newlyns PLC
Phone number: 01604 633 001

Rundles & Co Ltd
Phone number: 08456 585 030

Phone number: 0330 1070 023