Community Governance Review

Community Governance Review

The Reorganisation Order, the official document that creates the new Batchworth Parish Council, was formally made today, 4 October 2016.

Copies have been sent to the statutory bodies required in The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.  This is the legislation which governs the creation of a parish Council.

A copy of the Reorganisation Order can be viewed at the Council offices, Northway, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RL

A PDF copy can be viewed here: Reorganisation Order 4 Oct 2016 (pdf)

Batchworth Parish Council will formally come in to being on the 1 April 2017, with elections of Parish Councillors taking place in May 2017.

Posted 19 September 2016

Result of the Community Governance Review concerning the proposed new Parish Council in the District of Three Rivers

In October 2015 Three Rivers District Council received a petition requesting the council conduct a review of the unparished area of the district, with the view to establishing a new parish council.

The council established a Working Party to look into the proposal and to undertake a ballot of the local electorate to gauge their view, either for or against a new parish council. The results of the ballot varied across the four wards involved in the ballot. Further information of the process of the review can be found on the Three Rivers DC website, along with the results of the ballot.

At the Council meeting on the 12 September 2016 the Members of the Council Resolved:

To establish a new Parish and create one new Parish Council for the 2 wards of Moor Park & Eastbury, and Rickmansworth Town, as shown edged in red on the attached map, for the following reasons:

1. Whilst the postal ballot was non-binding and was advisory only, Members should not ignore the outcome as it was a fair and impartial way of listening to residents’ views.
2. That there had been an overall majority vote in favour of setting up a Parish;
3. That there had been sufficient turnout, bearing in mind that Members had taken a view that a 10% threshold was enough to make a count possible; participation in the ballot was a similar proportion to that which voted at the last local election.
4. Two wards voted against setting up a Parish Council, namely Chorleywood North & Sarratt and Chorleywood South & Maple Cross and so should certainly be excluded.
5. Penn and Mill End had a low turnout and was marginal. In listening to the views of local Ward Councillors (which reflected the views of their local community), RS Members accepted that there was no desire from those residents to be included in a Parish with the other wards. There was no shared vision or common focus.
6. That Moor Park & Eastbury had the highest turnout (30%) and highest number of votes in favour of setting up a Parish Council (65%). Rickmansworth Town had the second highest turnout of 29% and 55% of people voted in favour of setting up a Parish Council. The Council should respect the democratic process and the expressed wishes of those residents.
7. Moor Park & Eastbury and Rickmansworth Town form a cohesive community with a sense of shared identity, boundaries, focal points and common aims. This would give an opportunity to strengthen community engagement and participation and generate a positive impact on community cohesion. The size of the area would be viable as an administrative unit of Local Government.
8. Setting up a new Parish Council would give those residents the opportunity to influence decisions affecting their lives, as evidenced by the other successful Parish Councils in the District.
9. A Parish Council is able to raise funding for local services through the precept and other sources of funding in order to carry out activities. This is what the residents of Moor Park & Eastbury and Rickmansworth Town had voted for.


  • That the new Parish be called ‘Batchworth Parish’ and that the Parish Council be called ‘Batchworth Parish Council.’
  • That the new Parish Council be divided into two wards, based on existing ward boundaries of: Rickmansworth Town; Moor Park & Eastbury.
  • That there are eight Councillors in the new Parish Council, four councillors in each ward.
  • That no property or functions be handed over from Three Rivers District Council to the Parish Council at this time.
  • To have first elections in May 2017, elected for 2 years with ordinary elections taking place in May 2019, and every four years thereafter, to synchronise these with the majority of other Parish Councils.

A Map of the new Parish and Parish Council (pdf)

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