Code Of Conduct

The Council has two Codes of Conduct - one for elected Members and one for staff. 

Members' Code of Conduct


On 12 February 2002 the Council adopted the Three Rivers District Council Code of Conduct for its elected Members.


All elected Members have to comply with the Code of Conduct Download Code of Conduct.


A Register has been established and is maintained by the Monitoring Officer, which contains details of certain financial and other interests of Members. The Register is open for inspection at the Council offices during normal working hours. 


The Register is in loose leaf form and Members are required to notify the Monitoring Officer when their circumstances alter.


All Members are required to disclose and register certain financial and other interests and that register must be open to the public.  To view the register, contact the Customer Services Centre on 01923 776611 or e-mail

Officers' Code of Conduct


This Council has a Code of Official Conduct in relation to its employees which offers guidance to employees.


When implemented, all Local Government employees will be required to abide by an officers' Code of Conduct under Section 82 of the Local Government Act 2000.



The Council has a "whistleblowing" policy to enable staff to raise issues of concerns about improper practices within the Council, this can be downloaded below.


Whistle Blowing Policy.  DOWNLOAD

Code Of Conduct